Outcast 2: A New Beginning Gameplay Revealed

From its announcement last year, we’ve been patiently awaiting more news on Outcast 2, the sequel to the 1999 cult classic open-world action adventure game. Today that wait is over as THQ Nordic’s Digital Showcase gives us our first good look at Outcast’s 2’s gameplay.

We knew from last year’s trailer that hero Cutter Slade returns as the protagonist in Outcast 2, but it seems this time he’s not accidentally arriving on the planet Adelpha. Summoned by the Talan people a full 20 years after first helping them settle a civil war, Slade now has to rescue the Talan from rampaging corporations that want to enslave them and reap Adelpha of its natural resources.

To do that, Slade will have a jetpack and an arsenal of weapons retrieved from the robotic invaders. From the trailer revealed today, it seems like that jetpack will be central to Slade’s abilities, allowing him to fly great distances or scoot short ones to dodge enemy blasters.

The other big ability looks like an energy shield that can be used for both offense and defense. The shield can block enemy attacks, but it can also be combined with the jetpack to turn Slade into a ballistic missile.

Each of the weapons Slade retrieves can be upgraded with modules that seem to affect accuracy, ammunition supplies, damage, and something described as “heat per shot.” It’s unknown if these futuristic weapons require cooling for continuous fire or if they might be part of some other mechanic, perhaps integrated with Slade’s futuristic flight suit.

Like its predecessor, Outcast 2: A New Beginning will be an open-world third-person adventure game with a non-linear story and dynamic plot progress based on the player’s actions. Interaction with the locals will be key to understanding Outcast 2’s story and also recruiting the Talan to beat back Adelpha’s robotic invaders.

Outcast 2: A New Beginning is coming to PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. Wishlisting is available now.

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