Original Pokemon Snap Coming To Nintendo Switch Online

Pokemon Snap—the original, not New—is headed to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack on June 24.

It first launched back in 1999, putting a then-new spin on the Pokemon series. Rather than rushing through tall grass to catch 'mons while fending off evil corporations as you also attempt to be the very best and catch 'em all, you were tasked with going on a scenic tour and taking pictures of the wildlife. It's a little more peaceful than the usual Pokemon antics.

Interestingly, it had on-a-rail shooter-like mechanics, only instead of shooting a gun, you were shooting film with your camera. It's not as free as New Pokemon Snap, but the general idea of seeing 'mons out in the wild and taking photos of them in their natural habitat remains. You're not disturbing their ecosystem quite as much.

You can get 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack for £34.99, giving you access to a whole catalogue of retro games. Pokemon Snap in particular is an N64 game, meaning that it features 3D graphics as the 'mons went from sprites to fully-fledged models.

You play as Todd Snap, a photographer working for Professor Oak. You're sent to Pokemon Island which is a spot that hasn't been tainted by humans yet, all to take pictures that help Oak with his scientific research. Fitting then that your name is Snap. But funnily enough, it started out as a Jack and the Beanstalk game, first announced in '95, but it eventually grew into the cult classic Pokemon Snap.

In other Pokemon news, there's an upcoming Shiny Clefairy event taking place this weekend in Sword & Shield—you can take part by entering a code that will be shared on Pokemon's Facebook pages, allowing you to catch as many Shiny Clefairy 'mons as you can find.

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