OhShape And Synth Riders Team Up For Discount And New Map

A bundle on Oculus Quest drops the cost to get both OhShape and Synth Riders down to $27.99 as the developers behind the games team up to launch the same new song.

The new track is called Delight by Jamie Berry and is available now in both rhythm VR games.  In case you’re unfamiliar, OhShape and Synth Riders both have fitness elements to them with notable differences from the rhythm leader Beat Saber. In OhShape you try to fit your body into the cutout shapes in walls flying toward you while Synth Riders features a system where you dodge walls, hit targets and ride a rail system in solo or multiplayer.

The developers behind the games are also announcing a “Collab Delight” contest which asks players of both games to compete for high scores in the new song. Winners will be announced on July 1st and you can sign up for the contest here.

Here’s a trailer for the new song:

You can also check out the Duo Pack on the Oculus Store here. The price may vary by region but it should be a roughly 30 percent discount compared with the full price of both games. The new free song is rolling out to players on the Oculus Store and Steam as well.

We’ll be curious to see how this new kind of collaboration is received by the communities for both games, and how popular the contest ends up being.

Will you be competing in the contest? Let us know in the comments below.

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