Oddworld Soulstorm: How To Save All Mudokons In The Yards

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There are 27 Mudokons in the Yards level in Oddworld Soulstorm. The Yards is the final stage where you need to save 80 percent of the Mudokons to unlock the last two chapters. If you do not save enough Mudokons and your Quarma is too low, Abe will burn alive with his friends as they crash into the brewing factory.

Getting through the Yards is pretty simple, but there is a challenging fight against flying Sligs at the end of the level. Be prepared to use a wide variety of items to take out Sligs. Once you finish this level, you officially enter the endgame.

Mudokons 1-11

Go down the elevator.

Pay the Moula to open the first door.

Sneak past the snipers by stepping on the pressure plates and activating the smoke barriers.

Keep sneaking by the other snipers by crouching.

At the end of this path will be Mudokons for you to revive.

There are a total of five here.

Backtrack to the Security Station signs and then take the upper platform pathway.

Cross the bridge by pulling the lever.

Once you finish crossing the bridge, go right and save the next five Mudokons.

With the Mudokons following you, you can now trip the alarm to spawn the Sligs above you. Possess one and climb the pole.

Go all the way up until you can pull the lever. You will need to swap your possessed Slig for a new one a couple of times.

Possess a new Slig and climb down the poles on the other side. Clear the path and bring the cart across the gap to Abe and the Mudokons. Then explode this Slig.

Cross the gap with your Mudokon followers.

Keep going right, and then save the 11th Mudokon along the way.

Sneak past the sentry and then climb up the platforms. There will be a portal at the top.

Mudokons 12-15

Jump to the hanging bar left of the portal. Jump to the upper platform and continue right into the secret area.

Save the four Mudokons up here and send them through the portal.

Mudokons 16-27

Keep going down the main path.

Jump over these moving platforms.

Cross to the next section.

Save the three Mudokons at the landing.

Just right of these three Mudokons is another Mudokon. There are two Sligs by them, so take them out before saving the Mudokon.

Keep going down the path and sneak past the sentry bot.

Open the door and save the six Mudokons here. Kill the guard dogs as they leave their dog house. Keep going right and avoid your enemies.

Then climb up the platforms at the end and save the Mudokon working near the top.

Have your Mudokons stay put here. Then go left and cross these moving containers. Line them up like they are steps. This setup requires you to pull the lever on the third container until it is at its highest position. Then make your way back to the first container.

Run through the back section. Run from the dogs and quickly as possible. Then take the cart at the end to the final section.

Save the last Mudokon at the landing here.

Then open the door a reunite with your Mudokons. Then send them all through the portal.

Finish the level.

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