Oddworld Soulstorm: How To Save All Mudokons In Reunion At The Old Trellis

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There are four Mudokons that Abe needs to save in the Reunion at the Old Trellis stage in Oddworld Soulstorm. But there are also another 250 Mudokons that you will need to protect as they climb to safety. Protecting these 250 climbing Mudokons is the most challenging part of this level.

Be prepared to set lots of traps and quickly tie up Sligs for the last portion of this stage. But before you do that, you will need to find four Mudokons. This guide will tell you where these four Mudokons are and then give you some strategies on saving as many climbing Mudokons as possible. You do not need to rescue them all, but you will need at least 200 of them to survive.

Mudokon 1

Once you start, go right, then take the elevator down to the lower platforms. You will spot the first Mudokon working on a platform after a checkpoint.

Mudokon 2

Keep going down the platforms, knocking out Sligs as you go down. Take the next elevator down. You will spot this Mudokon working on the upper right platform.

Keep going down, then go to the cave at the end of the path. Exit the cave once you unlock the door.

Mudokons 3-4

Free the horde of Mudokons below you.

Head left, following the direction of the Mudokons. Along the way, you will stumble across two other Mudokons working. Now you have all of the Mudokons you need to find in this stage.

How To Save The 250 Climbing Mudokons

This section can be difficult because you will need to quickly knock out Sligs and then tie them up before they can kill your Mudokons. There are three stages to this part, and you get to take a short break between each climbing section. Before you start any section by pulling the middle lever, make sure your four Mudokons are out of harm's way. Most of the time, Sligs will only tie up your Mudokons, but it is one less headache you have to worry about if they are out of the action.

Another thing you should prepare before each part is crafting items. You can collect ingredients around each section before you start, and these containers might give you just enough to make a few more traps. If you can, make IEDs, Bouncy Candies, and Bouncy Binding Candies. These are by far the most useful items in this stage. Also, make sure you buy fizzy pops to huck at the vending machines because they are great at knocking out enemies too.

One thing you can do at each level is to do a practice run to find out what order the Sligs will spawn in. Once you memorize where they spawn, you can set your traps appropriately to make the level easier.

Do not get discouraged if some Mudokons die because you only need 200 to pass the Quarma requirements. This whole section can take a while your first time, but be patient and focus on moving quickly to every Slig that pops up.

Once your Mudokons reach the top, pull the lever to let them into the train.

Then jump to the platform above the lever and send your four Mudokons through the portal.

Take the train to finish this level.

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