Oblivion: How To Join Each Of The Main Factions In The Game

The fourth game in the Elder Scrolls series, Oblivion, gives players a large game world to explore in the province of Cyrodiil. Bethesda put a lot of content into this title, which is one of the reasons it remains a fan-favorite classic RPG even to this day. One of the reasons that Oblivion is still looked upon with such favor is the number of factions that can be joined.

As soon as the player escapes from the Imperial City prison, a number of factions can be joined upon visiting them or doing a certain assignment for them. This guide will explain how to join each of the main factions that the player’s actually able to take up with. Note that factions joined only temporarily, like the Mythic Dawn and Blackwood Company, will not be included.

The Arena

Perhaps best known for a certain annoying fan that endlessly pesters players once they become the grand champion, the arena also provides a good way to make gold quickly — and fairly easily, too. It’s also a good place to get a better feel for the game’s combat.

How To Join

The arena can be found within the Imperial City and can be fast-traveled to without having to actually find it on foot. Go to the entrance and talk to the bookkeeper about potentially joining. He will then direct you to go through the door to your left to enter the Bloodworks and to talk to Owyn, a redguard.

He will then put you through the wringer by setting you up to succeed while insulting you at the same time. Talk to him to set up a fight and prove him wrong.

The Dark Brotherhood

A fan favorite faction, the Dark Brotherhood is a guild of assassins that take their craft very seriously. They will recruit just about anyone with a cold enough temperament to be able to assassinate targets effectively.

How To Join

To join the Dark Brotherhood in Oblivion, the player must take the life of an innocent. This means the player is required to kill one of the random NPCs roaming around the game’s cities and settlements. Note that enemies like bandits that always attack the player first do not count since that is a kill in self-defense.

After killing a random NPC minding their own business, it is time to find a bed and go to sleep. Upon awakening, you will be greeted by Lucien Lachance. He will task you with killing someone named Rufio at the Inn of Ill Omen. After killing him, go to sleep again in the bed in his room, where Lachance will then tell you to go to an abandoned house in Cheydinhal. Say the phrase “Sanguine, my Brother” to the ominous-looking door and you are in.

The Fighters Guild

The place to go for those looking to be warriors, the quests given by the Fighters Guild have a heavy focus on the art of combat, specifically melee combat.

How To Join

Every city but Kvatch and the Imperial City have Fighters Guild halls. But the player can only properly join the guild at the halls in Anvil, Cheydinal, or Chorrol (pictured above).

Talk to whoever the head of the hall happens to be and ask to join the guild. They may ask you to complete a quest, which varies depending on the hall, but otherwise, welcome to the fighters guild.

The Thieves Guild

The Thieves Guild in Oblivion might be one of the first guilds the player hears about since there are wanted signs scattered around the Imperial City featuring their leader, the Gray Fox. The Thieves Guild is for those interested in the arts of stealth, thievery, and persuasion.

How To Join

The guild can be joined in one of four ways:

  • Get arrested for a nonviolent crime, like pickpocketing, then rest and you’ll meet a dark elf named Myvyrna Arano. They will deliver a message from the Gray Fox after the player rests.
  • Read one of the Gray Fox wanted posters then talk to a beggar. Increase your disposition with them to ask them about the Gray Fox.
  • Wait around the Imperial City Waterfront in a garden near where the small houses are and talk to the guy with the torch, Armand Christophe, and raise your disposition with him. You can also wait for and talk to the others meeting up with him and ask them about the Thieves Guild
  • Befriend City-Swimmer in Bravil. Doing so will have him tell you to go to the waterfront at night time.

After that, the player will have to compete with three others in stealing an item. The first one to give it to Armand will join the guild. Once you do so, you’re in.

The Mages Guild

Within the Imperial City is the Arcane University. Only a select few from the mages guild can get access to the university to hone their magic craft and further expand their magical capabilities.

How To Join

Joining the Mages Guild is a bit more lengthy than it is with the others since the player needs to get recommendations from all the guild halls located throughout Cyrodiil. These halls, like with the Fighters Guild, are located in each city with exception of Kvatch and the Imperial City.

Get a recommendation from each hall by completing a quest associated with them. The halls can be identified by the distinctive blue banners and, perhaps more obviously, a sign that says “Mages Guild.” After getting all the recommendations, return to the Arcane University entrance hall to present them. After showing them, the player is officially welcomed into the Mages Guild.

The Blades

The Blades are an order of warriors that have been tasked with protecting each subsequent emperor since Tiber Septim, a.k.a Talos. They are currently doing their best to hold back the invading daedra from Oblivion.

How To Join

Progress through the game’s main quest until you have to bring Martin Septim, the last heir to the throne, to Cloud Ruler Temple. After Martin introduces himself to the Blades, talk to their grandmaster, Jauffre. Since you had helped deliver the amulet of kings to him and ensured Marin’s safety, he will welcome you as a member of the Blades.

Knights Of The Nine

Exclusive to the Knights of the Nine DLC, this faction consists of a group of crusaders that serve the nine divines.

How To Join

The player will automatically join the faction when progressing along the main questline for the DLC. The specific quest that has to be completed is “Priory of the Nine.” This quest is split into four parts since the player is tasked with retrieving four different relics that are key to stopping the questline’s villain, Umaril the Unfeathered.

Collecting all four will allow the player to join the group and help defeat Umaril for good.

The Court Of Madness

This is another DLC exclusive faction, but this time it’s exclusive to the Shivering Isles DLC. The Court of Madness is the personal inner circle of the daedric prince of destruction, Sheogorath.

Two halves make up the court, with each representing a different type of madness. Those halves are dementia and mania, which are named after the sections of the Shivering Isles.

How To Join

Head to the island in the Niben Bay, which is east of Bravil, where you will notice a door that will take you to the Shivering Isles. A man driven mad by what was on the other side will attack you, so defeat him and head through the door.

You will then meet Haskill, the personal counselor to Sheogorath, who will explain that his lord is looking for a champion for something big that is coming. Agree and then not only will the Shivering Isles be yours to explore, but you will also have a place in the Court of Madness.

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