No Xbox 20/20 showcase this month confirms Microsoft

Microsoft is not planning a new livestream event this month, but there’s confusion as to whether that means anything’s been cancelled.

Sony has already had to cancel their PlayStation 5 reveal once this month, so as to not create a distraction from the anti-racism protests, but it’s never been clear whether Microsoft was planning something or not during June.

When Microsoft originally announced May’s Xbox 20/20 the implication was there’d be a similar digital event each month, although if you read the exact wording of the original announcement it only promises a showcase of some sort – so it could be a blog rather than a digital event.

But after website VG247 claimed that this month’s showcase had been pushed back to August, based on a tweet by US journalist Jeff Grubb, Xbox games marketing exec Aaron Greenberg replied by saying, ‘We have not pushed anything back, our plan remains to have our next digital show in July and teams are working hard on that.’

Microsoft has already announced that its July showcase will be the one when its first party games are properly revealed, including Halo Infinite, but it’s never said what the focus would be in June.

Fans had assumed that it was probably hardware, but now it seems whatever it is will be a fairly low-key reveal. That’s despite this being the week that E3 2020 would’ve taken place and Microsoft having previously said they would have a digital alternative to the usual showcase in L.A.

In May, Greenberg tweeted that June would be done differently than an Inside Xbox show, which some have claimed is evidence that plans have changed and others that they haven’t.

Even beyond the disruption caused to publisher’s plans by the coronavirus and the anti-racism protests, the underlying problem is that neither Sony or Microsoft want to go first in terms of announcing the date or, most importantly, price of their new console.

Sony’s event this week is not expected to feature any hardware details, and certainly not a price, which means the two companies will continue to play chicken until the question can no longer be avoided.

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