No Man’s Sky: How To Raise A Living Ship

The amount of content updates that No Man’s Sky gets seems to be as endless as the universe it allows you to fly through. Living Ships may not be as new as the companions, but they still offer exciting adventures and quests. The update for it dropped in February 2020 and debuted plenty of according organic tech.

With it, players are now able to do something they probably never thought they wanted to before: pilot a living ship across the stars.

While it may seem kind of gross, these new ships are a ton of fun and obviously unique. Being a living thing though, these aren’t ships you can just build or purchase so easily. Here’s everything you need to know about how to raise a living ship.

How To Raise A Living Ship In No Man’s Sky

Hopefully, you’ve been an active, or at least somewhat active, player of No Man’s Sky because these living ships will come at a cost. If not, you may have a bit of a grind ahead of you.

The first ingredient you need to start working on your very own living ship is Quicksilver. This is a very rare currency that can only be obtained in one very specific way. You have to participate in quests given by the Nexus onboard the Anomaly. Completing these quests don’t always provide Quicksilver, so be sure to select the right ones. They can be as simple as feeding creatures or as tedious as surveying a whole planet.

Sounds simple enough, right? Well, sure, except that each mission only gives you 250 Quicksilver and you need a grand total of 3,200 to purchase a Void Egg that will become your living ship. But the grind is even worse than that. You can only get one of these missions per day. That means, if you have no Quicksilver at all to your name, it will take you 13 days of running these missions to get enough.

Begin The Process Of Hatching The Egg

Once you have the required Quicksilver, hand them over to purchase a Void Egg from the vendor right beside the Nexus. Once you have the egg in your inventory, a new quest will unlock called Melody of the Egg asking you to gather 12 transmissions that will appear after a random number of warps in random locations.

Visit each location, but make sure you write down the glyph and number you find at each spot for later. Once you have them all, you can use them on a portal to travel to a new planet where a message will direct you to another location. Once you arrive there all you will find is the message, “Watch for us in the stars.”

Search For The Final Anomaly

From this point, you need to fly around at pulse speed until you detect another anomaly. Return to normal speed and you will find a living ship, as well as the final Starbirth mission. Finally, your Void Egg will start giving you coordinates to planets you need to visit and collect materials from to complete your very own living ship.

You will also need to wait for your Void Egg to hatch. This, like many other aspects of No Man’s Sky, is random so you might have to wait for a day or more before it happens. But soon enough, you’ll a gloopy, gooey ship that looks kind of like Sin from Final Fantasy X all your own.

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