Nintendo Switch Sports: How To Get New Equipment And Cosmetics

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Nintendo Switch Sports, the latest entry in Nintendo's beloved sports series, provides nostalgia while significantly building on the experience and features present in its predecessors. Amongst these updates, Nintendo Switch Sports makes great strides with its customization, furthering your overall emersion when playing this game.

After initially creating and customizing your character's appearance, you will be presented with little to no customization options as far as clothing, accessories, and equipment are concerned; but this isn't permanent. You can earn several cosmetic items and equipment by playing this game, but only in specific modes, so knowledge of this is essential when looking to gain access to all available customization options.

Play Online

At this time, the only method of unlocking new cosmetics and equipment for your character is through online play. This will require a Nintendo Online subscription and can be chosen by selecting the "Play Globally" option presented on the main menu. In this mode, you will play various sports against other online opponents, allowing you to play with one other person cooperatively on the same console.

If you are playing cooperatively online with someone on the same console, both accounts will require a Nintendo Online subscription.

Without the ability to choose the difficulty level of your opponents, this will often present a greater challenge than that found in local play, but, luckily, your ability to obtain new items is not hindered by your performance, only improved. Although rewards can only be earned through online play, all cosmetics and equipment acquired can be equipped and used in local, offline play.

Earn Points

When completing the various sporting events available (Volleyball, Badminton, Bowling, Soccer, Chambara, and Tennis) you will be awarded points. This amount varies depending on which sport is played and overall performance but typically will provide you with a minimum of 30 points upon the completion of each event.

If you are playing online cooperatively with another player on the same console, you will both earn points for the sporting events that you compete in. The amount earned will vary depending on your performances.

Once you have accumulated 100 points, you will be allowed to earn a new cosmetic or equipment item, prompting you when this occurs. You will be prompted when reaching this amount, allowing you to choose a new item to unlock. This provides you with an incentive to, not only, play more online sporting events, but also to perform at your best to maximize the number of points and items that you earn when playing.

Nintendo Sport's Collection System

Unlockable cosmetics and equipment are found in Collections. Each collection possesses 12 different items, typically following a specific theme. Once 100 points are accumulated, you can choose which available collection you wish to receive an item for; randomly rewarding you with a cosmetic or equipment item from that set. Items from these collections contain a variety of player hairstyles, outfits, accessories, equipment, stamps, and titles.

Once you have obtained an item in any collection, you will no longer be able to get that item again when choosing that collection as your reward. This prevents you from getting any duplicate prizes.

Once you have obtained all 12 items from a collection, you will receive that set's completion bonus. Completion bonuses traditionally provide you with two new outfits and additional equipment that continues to follow that set's theme. Each collection has a set time that they will be available, so make sure to keep your eye on this to ensure that you are completing collections before they are no longer present.

How To Equip New Cosmetics And Equipment

Once acquired, you can equip new items by going to your player's customization settings. This menu can be accessed by selecting the clothes hanger symbol found at the bottom-right of the sports selection screen. From here, you can select to change your character's various appearance features, equipment, title, and stamps. Here you will see all default items and customization options in addition to those that you have earned.

If you select the "Mii" option for your character's body (resembling a classic Mii from the Nintendo Wii), you will not be able to equip these cosmetic items. If you wish to apply new items, make sure that you have selected the "Human Body" option in the body settings.

You can equip your new cosmetic items to change your character's appearance and the equipment that is used when playing various sporting events. Customizable sporting equipment includes different volleyballs, badminton rackets, bowling balls, goal explosions, chambara swords, and tennis rackets. Equip these newly earned items to further the customization of your character and show off the rewards you have earned to other players that you encounter.

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