Nintendo Switch 2 announced for sometime in the next 78 years

Following its latest financial results, Nintendo has provided a bit of insight into its future hardware and merchandising plans.

With the Nintendo Switch continuing to sell like mad even four years after its release, it’s little wonder that Nintendo seems to be in no rush to release radically new hardware. There are the Nintendo Switch Lite and OLED models but aside from some cosmetic changes, they’re still the same console underneath.

However, Nintendo is clearly preparing for an eventual successor to the Switch, but it’s clearly not coming any time soon. In fact, during a management briefing held by Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa, the next console was briefly acknowledged with a release window of 20XX. So, it’ll most definitely be out by 2099 at the latest.

Admittedly, a more accurate window is likely within the current decade. During a Q&A call transcribed and summarised by analyst David Gibson, Nintendo was specifically asked about the next console. While it had nothing concrete to say, it added that the Switch is probably in the middle of its life cycle.

Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto reiterated Nintendo’s desire to make more movies based on its franchises. But, rather than juggle multiple projects at once, it would rather focus on them one at a time. So, don’t expect a Marvel-like rollout where you get a couple of Nintendo movies every year.

A: Would like to roll out with other IPs for movies etc, people should experience IP in variety of wats. But going one by one, not say doing many IP movies at same time. – Miyamoto answered.

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