Nier Replicant: How To Complete Search For The Shade

Shades serve as the primary enemies in Nier Replicant and the main source of all of the protagonist Nier’s grief. Mankind as Nier knows it cannot coexist with the Shades and a large portion of the story is dedicated to the protagonist building a deep seeded hatred for everything Shade. It’s not unusual to hear him openly and venously exclaim his desire to hunt down every last living Shade after Nier Replicant’s five year time skip.

Nier Replicant’s depiction of the Shades and Nier’s disdain for them is not to be idolized. At its core, Nier’s blind rage is commentary on how many video game protagonists mindlessly slaughter everything in their path and humanity’s inclination to see everything in matters of black and white or good and bad. The last stretch of Nier’s story comments on this directly, but several side quests do some leg work in fleshing out the theme.

Search for the Shade is a Village side quest that highlights the complexity of Shades in Nier Replicant. A Shade has snuck into your home village and has been spotted by several villagers. While the Shade hasn’t hurt anyone yet, Nier believes it’s only a matter of time before trouble starts brewing. Search for the Shade can be triggered by speaking to a guard at the southern gate.

The Village River

As soon as Start for the Shade is triggered, a young girl will run over to interrupt Nier’s conversation with the guard. Overhearing your conversation, she’ll reveal that she saw a Shade right by the Village’s riverbank. Players simply need to walk over to the river and examine, but this is actually easier said than done.

To actually trigger Nier looking for the Shade, you need to walk towards the river from where the three pigs are grazing. When coming in at the right angle, you’ll lose control and Nier will mention to Weiss that it doesn’t look like a Shade was ever actually here. With no clues by the riverside, return to the girl for redirection.

The Library Courtyard

After speaking to the little girl a second time, she will redirect Nier towards the library courtyard, seemingly having misremembered where she actually saw the Shade in the first place. While this strikes Grimoire Weiss as suspicious, children do confuse things easily and a Shade is a frightening sight.

From the little girl, exit the market place towards the library and go examine the courtyard. As you’re walking into the Library Courtyard, Nier will immediately take control and look around the general vicinity. Like before, there is no Shade in sight, but instead of speaking to the girl, talk to the marked NPCs around town to advance the quest.

The Northern Hill

With it now abundantly clear that the little girl is deliberately misdirecting Nier and Grimoire Weiss, the two confront her by asking where she hasn’t seen the Shade. The girl reveals that she’s never seen the Shade overlooking the Northern Gate on top of the western hill. Naturally, head over there to find a Shade just minding their business.

Even though the Shade isn’t doing any damage to the villagers nearby, you still have to put it down. Once the Shade is dead, return to the guard to find the little girl gone and collect your reward of 5000 Gold. Just make sure to remember that the Shade wasn’t doing anything.

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