New Steam Release Slash Roll Trades Deckbuilding For Dice Pouch Building

If you’re a fan of Slay the Spire’s roguelike deckbuilding but prefer to roll dice than draw cards, then Slash Roll is the game for you.

Slash Roll just entered Steam Early Access yesterday and is holding a promotional 10% off sale. It’s an indie game from NiankSoft that seems to take a lot of inspiration from Slay the Spire, the deckbuilding roguelike. Only in Slash Roll, you build a dice pouch rather than a deck of cards.

The stakes in Slash Roll aren’t nearly as high as most other roguelikes. You play as a traveling hero looking to blow off some steam, a wandering merchant looking to meet new people, or a desperate drunkard using dice to fund their alcoholism. Each character is randomly generated along with the tavern, where you go from table to table using dice acquired along the way.

Your dice are more than mere D6s and feature numbers that go well beyond six. They can also provide powerful effects or “curses” on the game, so be careful with what dice you choose to place in your pouch.

Work your way through a few dozen games and you’ll have to defeat the dice shark that awaits at the final table.

Slash Roll is definitely for D&D players that just love to roll dice regardless of what they’re actually rolling those dice for. If that’s you, pick up Slash Roll and get that dice-rolling itch scratched.

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