New PS4 exclusive, Nioh 2, is free to play on PlayStation 4 this weekend

Nioh 2 – the upcoming action role-playing game developed by Team Ninja, and published by Koei Tecmo – will be free to play this weekend.

And the game isn't even out yet!

Thanks to what Sony is calling a 'Last Chance Free Trial', players can download and trial the game this weekend, ahead of the game's launch on March 13th.

This special, last-minute demo (a show of confidence from Team Ninja if ever we've seen one!) will allow players to play around with some features and weapons that haven't been shown off in previous versions of the game, and will be the most authentic release-ready build of the game you'll have the opportunity to play.

Nioh 2 new PS4 Pro Screenshots: 26 new screens for PlayStation 4 exclusive

We recently had chance to play the game and get our hands on the title – and we loved it.

In our hands-on Nioh 2 preview , we noted that the Ninja Gaiden developers prove, once again, that they're capable of making games just as good as From Software.

If you want a TL;DR version, this is how we wrapped up:

"Last year, Sekiro evolved the genre by taking inspiration from rhythm games and how they anticipate player interaction, and The Surge series demonstrated that Western developers can try their hand at the genre, too, as Dark Souls continues to iterate on its tried-and-tested formula.

"But Nioh has always been different, and Team Ninja makes another daring change to the formula with Nioh 2, and makes it one of the most exciting games in the genre as a result.

"We can't wait to play more."

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