New Pokemon Snap Volcarona Guide: Where To Find And How To Take A Four Star Photo

Volcarona is one of six Illumina Pokemon in New Pokemon Snap. Like the other main Illumina Pokemon in the game, Volcarona has its own unique level where it serves as a boss.

If you’re looking for details on where to find Volcarona in New Pokemon Snap or how to take a four star photo of Volcarona once you do, you’re in luck. We’ve been playing tons of New Pokemon Snap over the last couple of weeks and have figured out how to solve some of the game’s most difficult challenges.

Here’s everything you need to know about where to find Volcarona in New Pokemon Snap, as well as how to take a four star photo of it as soon as you do.

New Pokemon Snap: Where To Find Volcarona

Volcarona is located in the Fireflow Volcano Illumina Spot, which is unlocked shortly after arriving at Fireflow Volcano for the first time. Here’s everything you need to do to unlock it.

  • Get Fireflow Volcano to at least research level two.
  • This changes the default route to terminate in the area with Typhlosion instead of the area with Slugma and Charmander (which gets Charizard at research level three).
  • All you need to do in order to unlock the Volcarona Illumina Spot is take a picture of the ancient ruins before the teleportation point.
  • If you’re at research level three, these are the ruins at the end of the route that goes right at the junction.

New Pokemon Snap: How To Beat Volcarona

Volcarona maintains a coat of flames around it at all times, which makes it impervious to Illumina orbs. Here’s how to get around that.

  • Repeatedly pelt Volcarona with fluffruit to make the flames go down.
  • Once the fire disappears, you can toss Illumina orbs at it.
  • So, all you need to do to beat Volcarona is: throw fluffruit at it.
  • Hit it with Illumina orbs when the fire cloak goes down.
  • Take a photo of it in its Illumina state.

Unfortunately, your photo might not be very good unless you follow some very specific steps, which we will describe in the final section of this guide.

New Pokemon Snap: How To Take A Four Star Photo Of Volcarona

To get a four star photo of Volcarona, you need to entice both Volcarona into a very specific scenario. Here’s what to do.

  • Don’t use turbo to rush through the map, you will need time to set this up.
  • Repeatedly hit both Volcarona with fluffruit.
  • This is best done without zooming in, as it’s easier to track their movements.
  • The reason you want to get them both down as much as possible is so they appear together in the final room.
  • In the final room, hit both of them with fluffruit so their shields are down at the same time.
  • There are Crystablooms on pillars the whole way up.
  • This has worked with two separate Crystablooms for me, so it doesn’t seem to matter which one you use.
  • When both shields are down, hit a Crystabloom and both Volcarona will come over and dance.
  • Take a photo for a four star snap.

I got 6,480 points for my four star photo, so if you can get Volcarona to come over to the flower together, you’ll get a four star photo and a nice Photodex boost to boot. Happy snapping!

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