New Pokemon Snap: Every Pokemon In Founja Jungle (Day)

Founja Jungle (Day) is the first biome you unlock in New Pokemon Snap after leaving Florio Nature Park. While the previous area simply had day and night variations of the same overall map, Founja Jungle is totally different, its dense, overgrown flora housing all kinds of different Pokemon species. Liepard prowls proudly through the foliage, but other, less confident ‘mons hide in the background – it’s certainly not going to be easy to find all of them.

Fortunately, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide compiling that exact information. If you’re struggling to locate ‘mons you reckon are definitely in Founja Jungle but can’t seem to find, look no further than this list of every single Pokemon in Founja Jungle (Day). Like all of the other maps in the game, Founja Jungle (Day) changes multiple times throughout the story, meaning there are some Pokemon here that you can’t find at the beginning. Luckily, we’ve also grouped every Pokemon into the rank it appears in, making it easy to know how far in you’ll need to be to nab yourself a Venusaur or Leafeon – yes, New Pokemon Snap has Eeveelutions.

As with all of our other New Pokemon Snap island guides, each rank description only includes the Pokemon that were added as part of it, meaning I’m not going to relist rank one ‘mons in rank two or rank two ‘mons in rank three. Most of them will be available in higher ranks, too, and if not, you can easily reload a lower one and locate them using the rank one section of this guide.

List Of Pokemon In Founja Jungle (Day) Rank 1

  • Liepard – Liepard is everywhere in Founja Jungle. There’s one at the start, another one immediately after, loads more in the middle, one on the rocks by the waterfall at the end, another on the bank next to it… Look, Liepard isn’t hard to find in rank one, two, or three. My first run through Founja Jungle ended up consisting of about 50 shots of a purple leopard – at least it’s photogenic, eh?
  • Aipom – Aipom can be found right at the beginning of your trip. One is chilling out on the ground while a few more run across a branch suspended above the trail. There are a couple of other Aipom a little before the map’s midway point, right after Arbok.
  • Arbok – Arbok is near the beginning of the map, hidden away behind some bushes on the right. It’s tough to snap in rank one, but gets a little more outgoing in successive ranks. Right now, you’ll be lucky to get a shot of its face – but hey, at least you can add it to the Photodex.
  • Quagsire – Quagsire is in a little pond to the left of the main trail, fairly close to the beginning of Founja Jungle. There are also two Quagsire at the waterfall in the final section – if you snap one while it’s jumping into the water, you’ll get what’s likely going to be one of your first four-star snaps in the game.
  • Slaking – Slaking is easy to miss because it’s off the beaten track and facing the wrong way, but if you spam your scanner along the main trail you’ll see it lying to your left near the beginning of the level. Like Arbok, you can’t get a very good snap yet, but it’s worth taking a not-so-great one for the ‘Dex entry.
  • Beautifly – like Liepard, Beautifly is everywhere in Founja Jungle. At one point your NEO-ONE actually stops in its tracks because a Beautifly gets in your way. You’ll have no trouble finding this one.
  • Pikipek – You’ll hear these noisy little Pokemon woodpeckers before you see them. There’s one pecking a tree on the right of the main trail shortly after Arbok, and another in a tree next to the pond where you find your first Quagsire. After that they’re fairly commonplace, flying next to the tree leading to the waterfall or chilling out on the ground in the final section of the level.
  • Magikarp – In the water at the final section. Very difficult to get a decent photo – I mean, come on, just evolve into a Gyarados already.
  • Bounsweet – Bounsweet flies past you right at the beginning of the map. After this, there are three sitting next to each other on a branch near Arbok, as well as a few hiding in the middle part of the final section, off to your right while the waterfall is on your left. You need to chuck fluffruit at them – as in literally hit them with it – to make them come out.
  • Metapod – On a tree after the branch Aipom runs across. It’s just sort of clinging to the bark, not moving. Founja Jungle (Day) rank one has a lot of Pokemon that are much better to snap later on. Figures.

List Of Pokemon In Founja Jungle (Day) Rank 2

  • Wooper – I am still unclear if there’s a hidden Wooper in rank one, but Arbok is tormenting one in its usual spot in rank two, and there’s another one at the waterfall where Quagsire dives into the water in the final section. Wooper also does a little cannonball into the basin, which is extremely cute – I told you the snaps get better in later ranks, eh?
  • Toucannon – Toucannon’s nest is to the left of the branch leading to the waterfall, right above the ancient ruins that you get an environmental scan prompt for midway through the map.
  • Sobble – Hard to find in rank two, but there is a Sobble shortly before where the Bounsweet are in rank one. Just like the Bounsweet, it’s hiding and will be marked as “???” until you throw a fluffruit at its head. Poor little Sobble…
  • Yanmega – One in the Quagsire pond, another two in the waterfall basin. Yanmega moves fast and erratically so it’s fairly tough to get a half-decent shot of, but hey, it’s a pretty cool Pokemon, right?

List Of Pokemon In Founja Jungle (Day) Rank 3

  • Leafeon – Leafeon spawns right at the beginning and basically walks through the entire map about five meters in front of you. Best boy (not really, that’s Vaporeon).
  • Venusaur – Originally shows up right after Arbok, but makes other appearances to the right of the tree leading to the waterfall section and in the final part of the map.
  • Although not a new Pokemon, several harder-to-find ‘mons like Wooper and Sobble are much easier to spot on rank three.

There you have it – every single Pokemon in Founja Jungle (Day) for each and every rank – happy snapping!

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