New Pokemon Snap: A New Way To Dance Request Guide

The Requests in New Pokemon Snap can be, frankly, cryptic at the best of times. You might get a rough location as a hint, maybe even directed to the specific Pokemon you need to photograph. But learning how to wake them up, get them dancing, and getting them interacting with other Pokemon can be a steep challenge, with a lot of trial and error.

That’s why we’re writing guides to a lot of the Requests in New Pokemon Snap, and in this guide we’re breaking down the A New Way To Dance Request. This Request involves getting a Pokemon dancing, obviously, but just playing music as you go through the level won’t do the trick.

Just read down below for everything you need to know to complete this tricky Request in New Pokemon Snap, and make sure to read our complete guide to Requests for all of the challenging tasks you need to clear before you get 100% completion.

How To Complete The A New Way To Dance Request In New Pokemon Snap

This Request takes place in Lental Seafloor during Undersea. You should be able to complete this Request at any Research Level, but we cleared it initially on Research Level 2, so if you’re struggling for the right situation, make sure you have the right Research Level available.

This Request involves Cradily, the funny Rock-Grass type Pokemon. Not the first I’d expect to find living underwater, but this modern fossil is essentially like a living coral. But not like Corsola.

You can find Cradily in the Undersea just past the first area where you spawn – just make sure to not take the first alternate route on your left. You can find a Cradily down here to complete the Request, but it’s much further away.

Continuing forward you will see a Cradily almost immediately, but it’s asleep. First you’ll need to wake it up by hitting it with a Fluffruit.

Once it’s awake, it’s now time to hit Cradily with an Illumina Orb. This will have it stretch it’s neck out long.

And finally, now that Cradily is stretching it’s neck, it’s time to activate your music box by pressing R. Now, Cradily will be waving its head around quickly in a celebratory dance. Nice. Get plenty of pictures of this activity, as this is the picture we came for.

If you did take the first alternate route, you can find a Cradily down here very close to the teleporter exit. It’ll already be awake, so you just need to throw an Illumina Orb at it before playing the song.

Once you’ve got the pictures you can hand them into Professor Mirror and he’ll grant you four-stars for your Cradily picture, giving you plenty of points, and a nice Pokemon to target in your future runs through the Lental Undersea.

Back at the Camp menu you can hand in this Request, though unfortunately you won’t get any specific rewards for completing this Request.

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