New Platinum Games Tokyo Studio Will Develop Live-Service Games

Acclaimed action game developer Platinum Games has several projects in the works, including a Wonderful 101 remaster and the hero-focused action game Project GG, but it’s also moving into entirely new territory. The company is opening another studio focused on live-service games, and it’s looking to hire new developers quickly.

Located in Tokyo, the new Platinum Games studio will be helmed by former EA, Sony, Disney Interactive, and Sony developer Motoi Fujita. Platinum Games’ Tokyo studio will develop “live ops” games for consoles, and Fujita has experience with live services on both console and mobile because of his time on the FIFA franchise.

“On live ops titles, finding a following for the title is an important step, so Platinum definitely has an advantage here,” Fujita said in an interview. “And I believe this can also be a change to introduce a new wave of fans to Platinum Games’ titles.”

The first live ops developers at the Platinum Games Tokyo studio will be existing employees. Fujita hopes the Tokyo location will make it easy to recruit new talent from local companies. The original Osaka studio will also assist with live ops development when needed, but it will be primarily handled by the Tokyo studio.

Platinum Games’ expansion, which also includes building a new engine and several upcoming projects, comes after receiving funding from Chinese conglomerate Tencent. It is not a subsidiary, and will continue to operate independently. Alongside its recently-teased projects, Platinum Games also continues development of Bayonetta 3 for Nintendo Switch and Babylon’s Fall for PS4 and PC. It has one more announcement coming, according to the Platinum 4 website.

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