New PC Games Bundle Benefits Black Lives Matter

A new games bundle with up to 20 games is giving all of the money it earns to multiple important causes this week. From now until June 17, the Black Lives Support bundle will be available to purchase with all proceeds going to Black Lives Matter, the organization fighting anti-Black racism and police brutality, as well as the National Bail Fund Network, which is paying bail for those arrested while protesting nationwide. When you buy this bundle, 100% of your money is split equally between the two organizations, and you can donate more than the minimum, of course.

The Black Lives Matter bundle includes two levels of games, with 11 games unlocked for $20 and another nine games available for $40. The bundle includes a variety of indie games from creators on, so if you’re looking to donate this week, here’s a great way to not only support the fight for racial equality but also a group of indie game developers.

The games in this bundle span a wide range of topics and genres, from Moon Hunter, a co-op action “personality test” RPG, to Herald, a choice-driven adventure game set during an alternate 19th century. It also includes Emily is Away Too, a fantastic visual novel that takes place entirely within a mid-2000s-era instant messaging chat. Another one of my favorites, Coffee Talk (which just released this year), is up for grabs too. Coffee Talk is set in an alternate-future Seattle where fantasy creatures like werewolves and vampires live among humans, and you’ll play as a cafe owner who listens to their problems and watches relationships develop over a cup of coffee. It’s a cozy sort of game, but it also touches on topics like racism, the struggles of interracial relationships, and even crunch within the games industry.

To buy the bundle, you can click on the “Buy now from $20” button and enter the amount that you’re looking to donate. Afterward, you’ll own the games on and will receive an email confirmation as well; 10 of the games also come with a Steam key so you can add them to your Steam library.

Black Lives Matter Support Bundle

Check out all of the games you can get by donating below. We’ve also included links to each creator’s page in case you want to peruse more of their work.

Pay $20 or more to unlock:

  • Even in Arcadia (girldebord)
  • Chambara (team ok)
  • We Met in May (starmaidgames)
  • Emily is Away Too (kyleseeley23)
  • Blood Under the Bridge (Bahiyya)
  • Code Romantic (prettysmart)
  • Radical Chess (Vector Hat)
  • Byte Driver (Vector Hat)
  • Super Skelemania (Ben Allen)
  • Narcissus (Alex Johansson)
  • The Night Fisherman (far few giants)

Pay $40 or more to also receive:

  • Moon Hunters (Kitfox Games)
  • Shattered Planet (Kitfox Games)
  • Lucah: Born of a Dream (melessthanthree)
  • Coffee Talk (Toge Productions)
  • StarCrossed (Contigo Games)
  • Transfer (Abyssal Uncreations)
  • Floaty Fighters (JasoonMargoon)
  • Herald (Wispfire)
  • The Norwood Suite (Cosmo D)

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