New inFamous game rumoured for PlayStation Showcase despite Ghost Of Tsushima 2

The latest rumours suggest a new inFamous game may be announced this week, but it’s unlikely Sucker Punch is returning to the series.

With a PlayStation showcase happening this week there is plenty of speculation surrounding which games might be shown. Some already announced games, like the God Of War sequel, feel like a shoe-in but others are less predictable.

For example, it’s now being rumoured that Sony is returning to the inFamous series, after multiple sequels in the PlayStation 3 era and inFamous: Second Son on the PlayStation 4. Or least that’s according to Shpehsal_Nick on Twitter, who says there’s a good chance a new inFamous game will be revealed during the showcase.

Shpeshal_Nick does clearly have some contacts at Sony, as he previously leaked details regarding Ghost Of Tsushima, namely that it would receive a standalone expansion called Ghosts Of Ikishima.

This obviously wasn’t completely accurate, but the island of Iki was included in the director’s cut. It’s also been noted that Sucker Punch, the studio behind the inFamous games and Ghost Of Tsushima, renewed the inFamous webpage domain last year.

However, the odds of a new inFamous being announced do seem very unlikely. Shpehsal_Nick even admits that they couldn’t get their information 100% confirmed and that his comments should be taken with a grain of salt.

Sucker Punch hasn’t expressed any interest in returning to inFamous and appears committed to Ghost Of Tsushima for now, with a sequel already all but confirmed.

Also, in an interview on the PlayStation Blog, studio co-founder Brian Fleming explicitly stated ‘it was time for us to move on from inFamous.’

Which means if there is a new game Sony would need to commission another studio to create. But it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for Sony to return to it either. The inFamous series is not without its fans and has sold decently, but it was never a massive money maker – especially when compared to Ghost Of Tsushima.

Second Son, for example, pushed a million copies within nine days and achieved at least six million sales in total. Ghost Of Tsushima, however, managed 2.4 million copies in only two days and, as of March, has sold over 6.5 million copies.

Sony has reached a point where almost all its first party offerings need to be massive hits to make up for their huge budgets, which are believed to cost over $1 million (about £72 million). So, it’s difficult to imagine Sony taking a risk on a dormant property that hasn’t had a new entry since 2014.

Shawn Layden, former president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, recently suggested that budgets for first party PlayStation 5 games could only become more expensive in the future. Which makes a new inFamous seem like even more of a risk.

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