New Breath Of The Wild Speedrun Involves Riding Every Mount With Haste, Including Sidon

While we wait for Breath of the Wild 2 news, fans and experts of its predecessor are passing the time by hosting extraordinary speedruns. Breath of the Wild is a vast game, therefore, there is a lot to offer when it comes to challenges. The most recent competition is a speedrun which requires you to mount every creature that allows it, including Sidon.

There is an abundance of speedrunners in the BOTW community, who test their skill and the game whilst offering some friendly competition amongst like-minded fans. Thanks to the game’s infinite jump glitch, speedrunners were handed a cheeky advantage to their shenanigans, which essentially allows Link to fly in not-so-spectacular style. Nevertheless, it’s a handy glitch to have on board when speedrunning, and this new challenge in Breath of the Wild seems to lean on it too.

JoeDun is a popular speedrunner and YouTuber in the community, who previously completed the game at 100% with no damage. In this new challenge, the creator of the speedrun “Mount%” can be seen hastily progressing through those introductory tasks, scavenging supplies for meals, and locating every mount in the least amount of time. Bears, deer, and all types of horses were included in the challenge, even Teba and Sidon made the list – as you can mount them at certain points of the game. Once JoeDun completed the challenge in under an hour, the speedrunner then got the community involved by offering a first, second, and third place bounty to whoever could perform the challenge faster.

The Mount% challenge is by no means the first speedrunning challenge in Breath of the Wild, and it certainly won’t be the last. Another challenge called “all dog treasures” involves speedrunners dashing to feed every dog in Hyrule. English speedrunner Vivoxe currently holds the world record for this speedrun, and it’s certainly a challenge welcomed by dog lovers.

The Legend of Zelda franchise, particularly Breath of the Wild, is a game to be explored and savored during the first playthrough at least. While we anticipate more news on Breath of the Wild 2, here’s everything Zelda-related to watch out for this year, as the franchise celebrates its 35th anniversary.

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