New Big-Budget PS5 Ad Might Mean A Price Reveal Is On Its Way

There’s a brand new PS5 ad out on YouTube that might be the first sign that a price tag is finally on its way.

We’ve seen the console, we’ve seen the games, and we’ve seen the fancy new controller. There’s only two more things that Sony needs to reveal about the PlayStation 5: price and date. The latest advertisement to hit social media doesn’t give us either of those things, but it might be the first sign that both are coming soon.

What we do get is a brand new slogan for the PS5. Where the PS4 was “Greatness Awaits,” a not-so-subtle hint at the PS4’s online multiplayer capabilities, the PS5’s slogan is even grander. “Play Has No Limits” reads the video’s title, introducing us to our first big-budget PlayStation ad for the upcoming console war.

Going live-action is nothing new for Sony, but the seamless mix of CG and real-world acting is almost certainly there to convey how the PlayStation 5’s graphics will blur the line between fantasy and reality. And although there are no actual games explicitly referenced in any of the three scenes, the overall feel of each also seems meant to evoke the best-selling PlayStation titles of the previous generation. An icy field with an unseen terror for God of War, a jungle encampment with a crackling radio for Call of Duty, and an ancient cave with a mystical guardian for Tomb Raider.

Of course, none of those games are going to land on the PS5 at launch (as far as we know, anyway), but it never hurts to lean on the good ole days to advertise your latest console launch.

We still don’t have a price or a launch date for the PS5, but with these sorts of ads hitting the airwaves, we’re sure to get both tidbits in the coming weeks. Our money is on a $400 price tag and a November release, but don’t hold us to that. Console launches are usually gongshows–doubly so in 2020.

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