MultiVersus Players Are Already Performing Some Killer Trick Shots With LeBron James

LeBron James has only been in MultiVersus for one day and players have already pulled off some sick trick shots with him.

MultiVersus finally started its open beta for everyone yesterday after having been in early access for the past week. Not only can everyone play the game now, but a brand new fighter was added on the same day – LeBron James. LeBron's moveset is incredibly unique and has him attacking with his basketball, with one of his main special moves involving throwing the ball out for some decent knockback.

Combine that with a hefty dunk move that is not only LeBron's best way of getting people out, but is also his most stylish, and you've got an incredibly flashy moveset worthy of the king. As you can expect, MultiVersus players have already started pulling off some pretty sick trick shots that really show off how great LeBron can be.

One of the best trick shots out there I've seen out there so far comes from Twitter user Pumpkinteen, who shared a clip of their LeBron fighting against Superman. While attacking Supes and trying to get him knocked out from above, LeBron throws a basket out in an upwards direction, before smacking Superman with a neutral and watching the ball knock him out from above. LeBron players aren't just aiming for where you are, they're aiming for where you're going to be next.

Twitter user JustinMPatry shared their own trick shot, this time going up against another LeBron. The two are seen contending for the middle of the arena before Justin's LeBron throws a basket up high, knocks the other LeBron off the stage with a punch, and then screams as their shot just makes contact and sends the other player flying out.

Just to show that LeBron's not all about forward passes, Twitter user xiJonzo posted a video of another two LeBrons fighting each other (it's release day, go figure) before they both start fighting off-stage. As one LeBron starts to try to recover, Jonzo dunks a basketball down and manages to end the fight there and then.

Although it's against an AI bot and not a real person, I had to share this one to rounds things off because it shows just how strong LeBron can be in the right hands – Twitter user Polarkingkaii shared a clip of their LeBron fighting Shaggy and then nailing him with pass after pass of his basketball, eventually sending Norwell Rogers flying out of bounds. It's scary to think what players are going to do with more time and experience.

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