MultiVersus Open Beta Progress Will Be Kept On Release

Warner Bros. is putting some of the final pieces in place for its own Smash Bros-inspired fighter, MultiVersus. The genre has become ripe for the taking following the completion of Smash Ultimate's roster, and all signs point to MultiVersus being pretty great. Reactions following last month's closed alpha were largely positive, and next month even more people will get the chance to take the game for a spin during its open beta.

The bad news is we still don't know exactly when the beta will go live. The good news is any progress you make during it will carry over to the full game when it launches. MultiVersus director Tony Huynh revealed as much on Twitter (via GamesRadar) when asked if that would be the case. “Progress in the upcoming Open Beta for MultiVersus will be permanent,” Huynh tweeted.

The director had a little more good news too. Fielding another MultiVersus question, Huynh confirmed players will be able to make in-game purchases during the open beta. That feature had not yet been applied when the closed alpha was live. Any purchases you might make will presumably fall under the same umbrella as the aforementioned carried over progress, so will still be in place when the beta is replaced by the full game.

As touched upon above, there is no firm release date for the open beta just yet. Since it's an open beta and not a test that will only be available to a limited number of players, you don't have too much to worry about. There will be room for all whenever it does go live. There's also no word on when the full game will launch. After such a successful closed alpha, and an imminent open beta, you'd have to think the full game will be here before you know it.

MultiVersus could quickly become a very big deal. Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl attempted to fill the void left by Smash Ultimate last year but didn't quite take. The addition of voice acting via its latest update could give it a new lease on life, not to mention it is free on PS Plus right now. As for MultiVersus, it arguably includes a much more famous roster of characters, people appear to love it already, and it will be free to everyone, regardless of platform.

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