MTG: The 5 Best Blue Cards From Streets Of New Capenna

Magic: The Gathering's newest set, Streets of New Capenna puts a unique art-deco spin on the game. The set is centered around five distinct crime families, each representing a different tri-color color identity. While this means the set has a somewhat substantial emphasis on multi-colored cards, Streets of New Capenna is still home to a wide range of powerful mono-colored options.

When it comes to the Blue cards of the set, Streets of New Capenna introduces several potent new cards including efficient counterspells and card advantage engines. So today, we're going to examine the Blue cards of Streets of New Capenna and see which are the most worth including in your next deck.

5 Slip Out the Back

Streets of New Capenna uniquely features several great Blue cards that are printed at the uncommon rarity. Slip Out the Back is one such card, serving as a Blue instant for a single mana. Simple yet incredibly effective this spell puts a +1/+1 counter on target creature, then causes that creature to phase out.

As phasing causes a creature to be treated as though it isn't in play until its controller's next turn, this card allows a player to protect a creature from nearly any type of removal from single-target spells to board wipes, all with the added bonus of a +1/+1 counter. While it may not seem like much, this card can help keep a key creature alive even within the most removal-heavy Commander metas.

4 Cut Your Losses

Cut Your Losses is a potentially devastating new sorcery for six mana, allowing a player to potentially decimate an opponent's library through the power of mill. Whiel Traumatize is a spell for five mana that causes a player to mill half their library. This spell totes the same rules text at the cost of six mana.

However, Cut Your Losses has Casualty 2, meaning that if a creature with a power of two or greater is sacrificed as this spell is cast, Cut Your Losses is copied. This means that with a single spell, a player can potentially mill half of two opponents' libraries, or mill 75 percent of a single player's deck! When paired with other milling effects, Cut Your Losses can function as an incredibly punishing mill option.

3 Even the Score

If there's one thing other than countering spells that Blue is known for, it's drawing cards. Even the Score is a new Blue instant that can provide more impressive value if an opponent is also aiming to draw a substantial number of cards. For three Blue mana and X, this spell simply allows its controller to draw X cards. However, if an opponent has drawn four or more cards this turn, this spell costs three blue mana fewer to cast.

This means a player can potentially hold up a substantial amount of mana if they know an opponent will be drawing many cards, then using Even the Score to capitalize and gain a significant advantage.

2 Ledger Shredder

Ledger Shredder is an efficient creature that's packed with a deceptively high amount of potency, especially within the multiplayer Commander format. A 1/2 bird advisor with flying for the low cost of two mana, whenever a player casts their second spell of a turn, Ledger Shredder connives. This effect can get out of hand quite quickly, as the vast majority of decks aim to cast more than one spell on a given turn.

This means that unless a player actively tries to play around this card, Ledger Shredder can allow a player to quickly churn through their library, digging for key cards and potentially growing this creature to a substantial size. As this creature requires a minimal investment of a mere two mana, Ledger Shredder can offer significant value with minimal effort required.

1 An Offer You Can't Refuse

Despite being an uncommon card, An Offer You Can't Refuse is a fantastic instant and the best new Blue card in Streets of New Capenna. For a single blue mana, this counterspell is capable of countering any noncreature spell. Incredibly efficient and flexible, upon countering a spell, that spell's controller is given compensation in the form of two treasure tokens.

While providing an opponent with mana ramp is far from the most optimal thing that can be done in Magic, it is a small price to pay for the ability to counter a potentially game-ending spell. It's easy to draw comparisons between this spell and the popular counterspell, Swan Song. However, while Swan Song provides the countered player with a 2/2 bird token and An Offer You Can't Refuse provides treasure tokens, the latter is more flexible in what it is capable of countering, as it can be used to counter any noncreature spells. For those looking to run the most efficient counterspells available in their decks to help shut down giant, late-game spells for only a single mana, An Offer You Can't Refuse may be for you.

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