MTG: 6 Best Tribal Staples In Commander

Tribal decks are by-and-large some of the most popular types of decks within Magic: The Gathering's Commander format. Known for the synergies, tribal decks aim to make use of a specific creature type, often including effects that specifically provide a payoff for doing so.

While tribal decks are similar to each other in that they are synergistic and creature-focused, each tribe has its own identity and strengths. Elf Tribal has the ability to produce massive amounts of mana, while Goblin Tribal can create massive numbers of creatures. Regardless of which tribe a deck may be built around, there are many staples that any such decks would be happy to include. So, we're going to examine the strongest and most impressive tribal stables within the Commander format.

6 Pact of the Serpent

Only ever printed within the Elven Empire preconstructed Commander Deck, Pact of the Serpent is a stellar inclusion in any tribal deck with access to black mana. A sorcery for three mana, upon being cast the card's controller chooses a creature type. The target player then draws X cards and loses X life, where X is the number of creatures of that type they control.

First and foremost, this can allow a black tribal deck player to draw a significant number of cards at the cost of some life, as long as they'd been able to establish a significant board state. As card draw is easily among the most powerful resources in Commander, this loss of life is a small price to pay for such an efficient card draw spell.

Additionally, this spell can be used to target other players. When facing off against an opponent utilizing a tribal deck, this spell can potentially be turned on them, potentially dealing fatal damage if they'd amassed a sizable enough force.

5 Kindred Summons

An impressive green spell, Kindred Summons is a sorcery for seven mana that can often provide game-winning value to its caster. Though this spell may demand a high mana cost, the astonishing value it provides is most often well worth it. Upon being cast, this spell's controller chooses a creature type. That player then reveals cards from their library until they've revealed a number of creatures of that type, equal to the number of that type of creature that they already control.

This effectively doubles the potency of one's board state, offering proportional value to the current size of a player's army. This spell is notably powerful when paired with tokens, as by simply controlling several cheap tokens of the given creature type, additional cards can be put directly into play with Kindred Discovery.

4 Door Of Destinies

As tribal decks often aim to create a critical mass of a given creature type, Door of Destinies is a card that can significantly grow the sizes of one's creatures as they're cast. An artifact for four mana, when Door of Destinies enters the battlefield, its controller names a creature type.

Once in play, whenever its controller casts a spell of the chosen type, this artifact gains a charge counter. This is key, as creatures of that type get +1/+1 for each charge counter on Door of Destinies. The card can lead to even the most insignificant creatures in a player's repertoire serving as noteworthy combative threats.

3 Kindred Dominance

Board wipes are an integral inclusion in nearly any Commander deck, allowing a player to clear away a potentially unwinnable board state. While many board wipes universally affect each player, the strongest board wipes in the game are one-sided, allowing the caster to keep their permanents in play.

Kindred Dominance is a stellar black board wipe perfect for any tribal deck with access to black mana. Upon being cast this spell's controller chooses a creature type, destroying all creatures save for those of the chosen type. When utilized in a deck filled with creatures of the same type, Kindred Dominance can reliably devastate one's foes whilst ignoring its caster's creatures.

2 Kindred Discovery

For those building a tribal deck with access to blue mana, Kindred Discovery is a must-have. It's no secret that drawing cards is among the strongest things a player can do in Magic, and Kindred Discovery allows a player piloting a tribal deck to reliably convert their creatures into card draw.

It's a blue enchantment for five mana that has its controller name a creature type when it enters the battlefield. Whenever a creature of that type under its owner's control enters the battlefield or attacks, that player may draw a card. Not only does this cause creatures of the chosen type to replace themselves in their owner's hand upon being cast, but simply being aggressive and frequently attacking with numerous creatures can allow a tribal player to reliably fill their hand.

1 Urza's Incubator

Playable in every tribal deck due to being a colorless artifact, it's hard to imagine a deck that wouldn't want the benefits of an Urza's Incubator. For the reasonable cost of three mana, when Urza's Incubator enters the battlefield, its controller chooses a creature type.

Simple yet incredibly effective, all creatures its controller would cast of the chosen type cost two less mana to cast. This significant mana discount can reliably enable explosive turns, in which a player can easily play several high-impact creatures of a given tribe within a single turn.

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