More New Pokemon Revealed Via Scarlet & Violet’s Minimap

Pokemon dropped a new trailer for Scarlet & Violet today and crammed it with new details about the next games. Trainers had to look harder for some of those details than others, and if you had your eyes glued to the game's minimap you may have spotted some brand-new Pokemon that weren't officially pointed out or even mentioned.

As highlighted by, there's a point during the 14-minute trailer when Scarlet & Violet's minimap shows a handful of new Pokemon are nearby, presumably waiting to be battled and caught. There are potentially three new Pokemon to be found on the minimap. A couple of white mice, a green parrot, and what looks like a house made of rock that has been modeled after a mushroom.

While the mice and the parrot are almost definitely new Pokemon that haven't been revealed yet, the mushroom rock might simply be a location that has been pinned on the map. Then again, if gen nine does introduce a Pokemon that looks like a house crossed with the rock mushroom from Super Mario Galaxy 2, it wouldn't be the strangest design the Pokemon team has ever come up with.

While trainers have been left to squint at the minimap for clues about some of the new Pokemon coming via Scarlet & Violet, another was shown off properly in the new trailer. Farigaraf, the evolved form of Girafarig. Try saying that ten times fast. It joins the likes of Wiglett, Fidough, and Lechonk on the list of officially revealed gen nine Pokemon.

Elsewhere in the new trailer, it was confirmed EXP share will return, and trainers will be able to craft their own TMs out of items they find while out and about. You'll also be able to have picnics, take showers, and a new breeding mechanic will be introduced. Suffice to say, with so much revealed in one fell swoop, this might be the most we discover about the new games until actually playing them when they launch on November 18.

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