Monster Hunter World: Where To Find Bathycite Ore, Machalite Ore, And Earth Crystals

The world might be infested by monsters in Monster Hunter World, and yet players will spend just as much time hunting rare materials as hunting monsters. Just like monsters, materials can come in a variety of types that are more or less rare, and all of them serve a purpose. From the newly added Bathycite Ore, to Malachalite Ore and Earth Crystals, you’ll need a steady supply of these items to keep your weapons sharp and armor strong for your next big hunt. If you find yourself short on any of these items when it comes time to upgrade, we’ve done the legwork of tracking down where to find them all for you.

Where To Find Bathycite Ore In Monster Hunter World

Bathycite Ore was a new material added as part of the Iceborn expansion to Monster Hunter World, leading many to assume it would be found in the new Hoarfrost Reach region with all the other new materials. In reality, this master rank ore only shows up in mining outcrops located in the Coral Highlands where many other master rank materials are found.

You’ll want to head back to this zone and start farming in areas ten and eleven. You’ll have easy access to a camp and there are plenty of mining outcrops nearby to harvest. Just head down, exhaust all the outcrops, travel back to your hub, rinse and repeat. The drop rates aren’t too bad, around 30%, so you won’t need to set aside an entire day for farming.

There are also 11 Master Rank quests that have a chance of giving you a Bathycite Ore as a reward. These are:

  1. Legiana Left Behind – 13%
  2. The Black Wind – 10%
  3. All the Wrong Signals – 10%
  4. Play Both Ends – 10%
  5. The Plight of Paolumu – 10%
  6. Pink Power Grab – 10%
  7. Protip: Stay Hydrated – 10%
  8. Bad Friends, Great Enemies – 10%
  9. Every Hunter’s Dream II – 10%
  10. Skyward Snipers – 10%
  11. Desert Desserts – 10% for two

Where To Find Malachalite Ore In Monster Hunter World

Malachalite is not as rare as Bathycite in terms of ways to get it, but the drop rates are not quite as high for farming purposes. The areas you can find this ore are the Ancient Forest (areas 2,3,4,8,10,11, and 16), Widspire Waste (areas 5,6,7,8,11,13, and 14), Coral Highlands (areas 8,9,11, and 15), and Rotten Vale (areas 12 and 15) on any low-rank difficulty. They do appear in mining outcrops on high ranks as well, but in fewer places so you’re better off sticking to low rank.

Your best option here is to go to one of these zones, hit up the mining outcroppings, and then fast travel to the next in order so they will all be respawned when and if you circle back. The drop rates are reported at just 5%, so you may be mining away for a while.

There are a massive 30 quests that have Malachalite Ore as a potential reward, but some of the best Optional quests to do would be:

  1. Butting Heads with Nature – 12%
  2. Fungal Flexin’ in the Ancient Forest – 12%
  3. A Thicket of Thugs – 12%
  4. The Great Glutton – 12%
  5. Camp Crasher – 12%
  6. Snatch the Snatcher

Where To Find Earth Crystals In Monster Hunter World

Earth Crystals are what stand between you and any weapon above level two. Before you can stock up on this useful early game material, you need to make it through the main quest at least until you’re assigned the quest The Best Kind of Quest, which will bring you to the Wildspire Waste. The outcroppings in areas 5,6,7,8,11,13, and 14 all have a rare chance of dropping an Earth Crystal.

Quests are a much more reliable source, especially early on. There are 15 that can grant you Earth Crystals, but here are the ones with the best odds.

  1. The Best Kind of Quest – 20%
  2. Sinister Shadows in the Swamp – 20%
  3. Mired in the Spire – 20%
  4. The Piscine Problem – 20%
  5. Landing the Landslide Wyvern – 20%

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