Monster Hunter Rise Palamute Creator Lets You Make Your Own Dog Friend

Capcom has revealed the customization options for the Palamute mounts in Monster Hunter Rise, which will allow players to design their own dog companion.

The Monster Hunter series is known for its Palico companions, which are catlike humanoids that aid the hunters in battle. Monster Hunter Rise is introducing Palamutes, which are doglike animals that can be used as mounts. Hunters can take Palamutes with them on missions in order to help them quickly traverse the map. Palamutes can also scale cliffs, in order to give the player more vertical movement. Hunters can use items while riding on the back of Palamutes, allowing them to chug a potion or sharpen a weapon on the move. The player can take a Palamute and Palico with them into battle when playing alone, but they have to choose one of the two when playing with friends.

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In the previous Monster Hunter games, the player has the ability to customize the appearance of their hunter and Palico, though the options were generally limited. A new post on the Monster Hunter Twitter page has shown the customization options for the Palamute mounts in Monster Hunter Rise.

The video shows 5 different coats, 6 eye shapes, 5 ear shapes, and 4 tail shapes for the Palamutes. There is also a color slider for the different elements of the Palamute’s body. The customization options for hunters and Palicos are also shown in the video and they are similar to the ones used by Palamutes. The pre-order DLC for Monster Hunter Rise will also add a skin for Palamutes that will make them look like a retriever.

The addition of Palamutes to Monster Hunter Rise is one of the most exciting aspects of the game. One of the most frustrating parts of the Monster Hunter series is searching for an evasive monster that is running between areas on the map. The fact that players can now quickly rush across maps on the back of a cute dog is a huge draw for Monster Hunter Rise, and players can tailor their Palamute’s appearance to their liking.

Monster Hunter Rise is scheduled to release on March 26, 2021 and is exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

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