Monster Hunter Rise News Coming On January 7

A new Monster Hunter Rise trailer, as well as important information about the game’s demo, will be revealed in the coming days.

The initial announcement of Monster Hunter Rise in September of 2020 had fans of the series incredibly excited for a new entry in the franchise. Players will be able to learn more about the upcoming title during Capcom’s Monster Hunter Digital Event on January 7.

Capcom has been slowly revealing information about the game’s monsters and weapon types for the past few months, and it seems as if this will all come to a head with this big announcement. It is likely that the demo is a mere days away from launching, as the developer has previously announced that the demo would release in January of this year.

The announcement event will be streamed on Monster Hunter’s Twitch channel at 6am PST. In addition to new announcements regarding Monster Hunter Rise, it is possible that players may learn some more information about Monster Hunter Stories 2. Capcom has announced that the game will release in Summer of 2021, but little information other than that is known.

For those whose first experience in the Monster Hunter franchise was Monster Hunter World, Rise may take some time to adjust to. The release of World caused the series to split into two separate game types, commonly referred to as “New World” and “Old World”. Monster Hunter Rise falls into the category of Old World, meaning that it will not include the quality of life changes that World introduced.

Monster Hunter Rise will feature new gameplay mechanics, such as mountable Palamutes and grappling hook-esque Wirebugs. Wirebugs will function similarly to Hunter Arts from the most recent Old World title, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate. These consist of special moves that allow for increased mobility and massive damage.

Monster Hunter Rise releases on March 26, and is currently available for preorder. It has been more than five years since the release of an Old World title, so many fans are eager for the demo to release in the coming weeks.

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