Monster Hunter Rise: How To Farm Quality Fin

If you’re upgrading your precious weapons in Monster Hunter Rise, you may come across the need for Quality Fin. Quality Fin is a monster carving material you can earn in MHR, but the reality is that you may never get your hands on it.

This material cannot be carved from larger monsters, so if you’re sticking to High Rank quests and not attempting to take on small monsters, you may never even come across Quality Fin, which will severely limit how powerful you can become.

In this guide we’re going to tell you exactly which monster carries Quality Fin, and where you can find them. Though, finding them is the easy part. Hunting could take you all day.

Which Monster To Carve Quality Fin From In Monster Hunter Rise

There is only one monster in the entirety of MH Rise that will give you a Quality Fin, and that is the Delex, though you’ll be out of luck if you’re slumming around in low rank quests. Quality Fin will only drop in High Rank quests, so that’s rank five and above, a similar situation to farming High Quality Pelt.

If you haven’t defeated Magnamalo in the story’s conclusion, then you probably cannot get Quality Fin at all yet. Make sure to check our guide to beating Magnamalo and getting that done before moving on to hunt Quality Fin.

Here’s the monster and location you must go to find Quality Fin…

Which Monsters To Hunt For Quality Fin

  • Delex

Where To Find Delex

  • Sandy Plains

Where To Hunt Delex For Quality Fin In Monster Hunter Rise

If you need Quality Fin and you’re already in High Rank, then it’s time to hunt some Delex. Keep in mind that although there’s a Village Quest to hunt Delex in low ranks, taking on that quest will essentially restrict you to low rank rewards. If you want to hunt for Quality Fin, you should take an expedition.

Luckily the Delex are easy to find in the Sandy Plains. They inhabit the large desert areas to the Northwest and Northeast corners of the map, swimming through the sand like sharks. Go to areas 10 and 9.

You can knock them out of their swim by attacking while mounted on your Palamute, or you can use Flash Bombs to stun them, leaving the write on the sand as you finish them off with your weapons. Carve up enough Delex while in High Rank, and you should be able to earn plenty of Quality Fin.

Once you finish off all of the Delex in one corner of the map, they should respawn in the other, allowing you to easily farm them for this rare drop.

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