Monster Hunter Rise: How To Easily Craft The Grinder Jewel

Monster Hunter Rise has dozens upon dozens of decorations available for you to slot into your High Rank weapons and armour, but not all of them will be useful for your playstyle. Some are more ideal for fighting specific monsters, while others just won’t work unless your build is geared towards a particular type of weapon.

It can get very confusing, but one decoration that will guarantee you a nice boon in MH Rise is the Grinder Jewel. It doesn’t matter what weapon you’re using – it will lose its effectiveness over the course of the battle, and you’ll need to get your Whetstone out. This can be devastating in a tight fight.

This is why the Grinder Jewel can be so important. In this guide we’re going to break down how you can craft the Grinder Jewel decoration, what materials you’ll need, how to get them, and what the benefits of the Grinder Jewel really are. All of that and more is below.

Materials Required For The Grinder Jewel And How To Farm Them In Monster Hunter Rise

The Grinder Jewel requires a few items that you likely already have a few of, but you might have to go back into the fight if you’re going to craft several of this precious decoration.

Materials Required For Grinder Jewel In MH Rise

  • Aquaglow Jewel x2
  • Rath Wingtalon+ x2
  • Great Izuchi Tail+ x1

Okay let’s break this down. The Aquaglow Jewel is a fairly common quest reward for a variety of High Rank quests. If you’ve been completing all of the quests thus far, you should already have plenty. If you’re missing some, then it’s a good idea to take on a variety of quests through the Join Request feature.

The Rath Wingtalon+ will probably be the hardest item here to farm. Of course it is dropped by a High Rank Rathalos, and that will be a tough fight. You should aim to build a specific set of gear to defeat this creature, and then team up with others in Join Request to deal with it quickly.

The Great Izuchi Tail+ will be easy to acquire, as you just need to carve it from a High Rank Great Izuchi, and the four-star quest The Swirling Gale is perfect for this. It’s nice and easy, and you can take it on multiple times with the Join Request feature.

Why You Should Equip The Grinder Jewel In Monster Hunter Rise

The Grinder Jewel’s main benefit is that it speeds up weapon sharpening with a Whetstone, and you can equip three of these decorations in order to get the maximum benefit, speeding up weapon sharpening dramatically. If you want to keep your weapons at maximum sharpness so they continue to slice through even the hardest of monster hides, then this is an excellent way to do so.

This will allow you to sharpen often and easily, not leaving you vulnerable to enemy attacks as you run away for moment, as many enemies will target weapon sharpeners. Being able to quickly sharpen and then dodge away will make for a monumental difference when in the tougher fights MHR has to offer.

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