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Of the 12 characters you can take into battle with you over the course of Monark, seven of them are customizable Fiends. There's a Fiend for each of the seven deadly sins, and some of them are more helpful than others.

While Fiends level up like humans, through learning skills, they are also reliant on Vessels to be useful. Think of Vessels as your standard equipment pieces – headgear, body armor, and leggings that you can use to boost your Fiends' stats and even grant them new skills and unique nicknames.

Vessel Overview

In Monark, a Vessel is simply a piece of equipment that can be equipped by a Fiend. They come in three varieties, headgear, body armor, and leggings, and each Fiend can equip one of each.

Vessels come in a few varieties and tiers.

Vessel RaritiesNRSRSSREX
Vessel VarietiesFree, Wild, and Pure

While the tier designations look like they might equate to rarities, in practice, they really only equate to the general level of the Vessel. You'll start the game only acquiring N Vessels with the occasional R, with endgame content rewarding exclusively SSR and EX Vessels.

The Varieties of Vessel usually dictate their relative strength within a rarity. If you had three Vessels of the same rarity, you can expect the Free Vessel to have lower stats than the Wild Vessel, which would have lower stats than the Pure Vessel.

Vessel stats are completely randomized, however, so it's not a certain thing.

Vessel Variety also dictates the visual appearance of the Vessel when equipped to a Fiend. There are three designs per Ego Classification per armor type, something explained below.

The only way to acquire Vessels is to receive them as drops for defeating enemies. To improve your drop rate, nab the Drop Rate UP skill on the protagonist's skill tree or use drop rate boosting skills learned by Ryotaro and Gluttony. Alternatively, fight in the battlefields designed for farming certain Vessel types.

Some Vessels will have an Ego requirement on them. By the time you get these types of Vessel, you should be far enough in the game that you never have to worry about your Ego being too low. If you need Ego boosts, though, check out our guide on the game's psychology tests!

Vessel Types And Prefixes

You'll quickly notice that the Vessels you acquire in the game have odd names. They are almost exclusively named after demons from paranormal demonology and works such as the Lesser Key of Solomon. Some Vessels also have adjective prefixes, and it's through these that we can tell the following:

  • There are three Vessel names for each different Ego in the game. One for the head, one for the body, and one for legs.
  • Vessels with adjective prefixes will grant Fiends a skill that they can use in battle.
    • There are 14 adjectives in all, two per Ego.

    The table below details all the Vessel names, related Egos, and potential adjective prefixes in the game.

    EgoHead VesselBody VesselLeg VesselAdjective 1Adjective 2

    Fiend Nicknames And Titles

    When you first recruit a Fiend to your party, it will be a normal Fiend of the Legion class. However, it is possible to upgrade them to a Noble, which comes with a slight stat boost and a cool nickname. To do this, you will have to equip them with three different Vessels that all have adjectives attached at the same time.

    This will permanently upgrade the Fiend, you cannot revert them to Legion..

    What nickname they get, on the other hand, can be changed by equipping them with certain combinations of Vessels with certain adjectives. There are a few varieties of titles you can grant your Fiends depending on the Vessels you give them.

    • Pure Ego Nickname: These titles are granted when all three Vessels have the same adjective. The title will be the same as the adjective. For example, if you equip the Greed Fiend with three Vessels that all have the Avid adjective, it would become Avid Greed.
    • Mixed Ego Nickname: These titles are granted when all three Vessels have adjectives associated with the same Ego. These titles are unique and displayed in a table below. For example, if you equip the Greed Fiend with two Avid Vessels and one Covetous Vessel, it would become Pleonectic Greed.
    • Ability Type Nickname: These titles are granted when all three Vessels are from different Egos but either grant all Active skills or Passive skills. You can check what type of skill a Vessel grants by checking the character's skill menu with the Vessel equipped.
      • If all three Vessels grant Active skills, the Fiend becomes Despotic.
      • If all three Vessels grant Passive skills, the Fiend becomes Cunning.
    • Basic Nickname: These titles are granted if none of the above criteria can be met and varies based on the Fiend itself.
    • Just because a Nickname is linked to an Ego, that doesn't mean it is restricted to the Fiend of that Ego. The Fiend of Lust can become Esurient Lust if you equip three Esurient Vessels.

      The table below shows the names of the Mixed Ego Titles and the Basic Titles.

      EgoMixed Ego TitleBasic Title
      PrideHubristicScornful Pride
      WrathIndignifiedPetulant Wrath
      EnvyJaundicedGroveling Envy
      GreedPleonecticRapacious Greed
      GluttonyCravingRavenous Gluttony
      SlothLanguidFaineant Sloth
      LustRavishingSensual Lust

      Once a Fiend has a nickname, it will keep that nickname until it fulfills the requirement for a different nickname. This means you can equip Vessels that don't have adjectives without worrying that you'll lose your nickname.

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