Modern Warfare Introduces Completely Broken Gun To Warzone Season 6

If you’ve been experiencing Warzone games where everyone seems to be rocking the new SP-R 208 marksman rifle, there’s a very good reason. The gun is broken–not in the sense that it’s so good that it’s better than every other sniper rifle in the game (although this is arguably true), but it’s clearly not working as intended because it does things that no other sniper rifle can do.

With the right ammo, the SP-R 208 marksman rifle becomes a hit-scan weapon with no damage fall-off or bullet travel time.

Soon after Season 6 dropped last week, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare YouTuber TrueGameData did some testing on the new weapons added to the game. The SP-R 208 was so interesting that it got its own video showcasing its capabilities, with TrueGameData making an awesome discovery. When equipped with either the Norma .300 or the Lapua .338 ammunition, the gun goes from behaving like a regular sniper rifle into a hit-scan weapon that shoots like a literal laser out to 400 meters.

You could argue that this is working as intended, but this almost certainly not the case since after 400 meters, SP-R 208 rounds simply disappear. It’s like you shouldn’t have even bothered firing.

This is so different from every other in-game marksman rifle that most have concluded that the SP-R 208 is bugged and will surely be corrected in an upcoming patch, but in the meantime, Warzone players are prioritizing the SP-R for it’s incredible power and ease of use. Few engagements occur outside of 400m, and within 400m, the player need only put their pip on an enemy’s head and pull the trigger to get a one-hit kill. There’s no need to lead the target or account for bullet drop as the bullet strikes the target immediately after pulling the trigger.

The SP-R 208 isn’t the only broken gun added in Warzone Season 6. The new AS VAL silenced assault rifle when equipped with the SPP 10-round magazine fires bullets that can penetrate through as many walls as the bullet can travel. This has resulted in some multiplayer games ending abruptly as one player fires blindly at the enemy spawn and manages to get a lucky headshot through several buildings.

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