Modder Transforms Nintendo Wii Into Handheld "Wiiboy Color"

A modder who goes by the name of GingerOfMods has transformed the Nintendo Wii into a handheld game device — the “Wiiboy Color.” As its name suggests, the modded device resembles that of a retro Game Boy Color, with all the essential Wii parts efficiently slotted to fit the portable mold.

GingerOfMods uploaded a video showcasing the transformation and just how much tinkering went into creating the device. Near the start of the video, he explains that the mod was possible because “the Wii motherboard can actually trim very small.” He made a custom 3D-printed Game Boy Color shell that accommodates all the necessary buttons and parts that make up a Wii controller: Nintendo Switch joysticks were placed at the upper left and lower left corners, while DS Lite face buttons were placed on the upper right and lower left corners. These controls were linked to the circuitry of a GameCube controller. Furthermore, two Z-button triggers and a cooling fan were placed at the back. As a finishing touch, the device’s three-and-a-half-inch screen was taken from a car’s back-up display, which GingerOfMods claims display the graphics better than on an actual TV.

Scroll above for a look at a video of GingerOfMods’ testing out his modded Wiiboy Color, alongside a detailed explanation of how he built the device.

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