Mod Finally Gives Legend Of Zelda’s Link A House Worthy Of The Hero Of Time

Thanks to the help of a dedicated modder, The Legend of Zelda’s Hero of Time finally has a house worthy of his Ganon slaying, and Kingdom saving, exploits.

Thankfully for Breath of the Wild Link, modders are here to save the day. In this case, one particular modder; Waikuteru. Waikuteru is a renowned Zelda modder; they have previously recreated Breath of the Wild shrines and made them into fully fledged dungeons, as well as making a level for Link to run, jump and slash his way through in the style of Whomp’s Fortress from Super Mario 64. Now they have taken Link’s Hateno house and created a home that is still in keeping with the whole tone of Breath of the Wild but made it into something that is actually worth having.

In Waikuteru’s version of Link’s House, Link is offered all the amenities that one would expect from a home. At last, Link now has a consistent (and sheltered) place to rustle up his many heart restoring dishes as a cooking pot can be found in the downstairs area of the house. Link can also warp directly back home when times in battle take their toll, thanks to the custom warp point. Heading home for a lie down (in a new bed that offers an “extra long” sleep) is simply a breeze for our Hylian Hero thanks to this mod. And then, when the mood takes him to head back out into the wild to continue vanquishing the Kingdom of its perils, Link can simply head outside to his own personal stable that is right by the front door. It even comes with its own pet cucco, additional homely features such artwork and lamps, and a fishing pond.

Not just content with enhancing Link’s house, Waikuteru has even made a Zelda version. Hyrule Warriors aside, the titular Princess is never a functional and playable character within the mainstream Zelda games. Seeing her as she readies her steed or as she flies through the air on her own pet cucco is a neat little extra from Waikuteru.

With the Zelda franchise turning 35 this year, Nintendo has the chance to further make its own improvements on the beloved franchise. Maybe a playable Zelda and more homely comforts will become the standard reality in 2021.

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