MLB The Show 21: The 10 Highest Rated Infielders In The Game At Launch

With the recent release of MLB The Show 21, there’s a new wave of baseball-related excitement as many players are returning once again to the beloved baseball simulation title. The franchise launched for the first time this year on the Xbox family of consoles and has brought with it a bevy of new fans and gamers into the series.

This has led to a brand new group of people arguing whether or not the best players in the game earned high overalls or if they were gifted something based on the player they used to be.

10 Trevor Story, SS (91)

The Colorado Rockies aren’t a team that has a large market or is cheered on by a large number of fans, but they do happen to have one of the better shortstops in the MLB. Some argue that his 90 overall is a bit high considering he’s seen his fair amount of struggles and issues.

He happens to have a surprising amount of power for the position and was the fastest shortstop in MLB history to reach 100 home runs. Whether it makes sense to someone or not, he’s one of the 10 best infielders in MLB The Show 21 and the 2nd best shortstop.

9 Jose Ramirez, 3B (92)

Jose Ramirez is the starting 3rd baseman for the Cleveland Indians and the only infielder from his team to make the Top 10 in MLB The Show 21 among all infielders. His 92 overall is a reflection of the time he’s spent as a part of the Indians honing his skills and working towards what he’s done from 2017 into the present.

He’s coming off of a season in 2020 where he won his 3rd Silver Slugger award and earned a place on the All-MLB Second Team. There’s plenty of issues with the Indians, including their name, but Ramirez isn’t one of them.

8 Alex Bregman, 3B (92)

The Houston Astros have quickly become a dark stain on the MLB’s overall legacy following the revelations that they cheated their way to success. Even with all of that the organization is still home to some of the best talents in the league and that’s reflected in Alex Bregman’s 92 overall in MLB The Show 21.

Bregman’s 2019 season was spectacular and with the 2020 season being shortened it’s hard to hold that against him. If he can continue to produce at a high level he can quickly ascend to star status.

7 D.J. LaMahieu, 2B (93)

D.J. LaMahieu has happened to run into the issue many good New York Yankees players do. He’s a stellar player on a roster that includes some of the league’s best talents and because of that, he’s often forgotten about. He played for the Colorado Rockies for several years and was a big fish in a small pond.

His 93 overall as the 2nd baseman of the Yankees shows that he’s now a big fish in a big pond surrounded by much larger fish. LaMahieu will look to build on his solid 2019 and 2020 campaigns and continue to earn his respect in 2021 and beyond.

6 Ozzie Albies, 2B (93)

Ozzie Albies’ 93 overall may not be as high as his teammate Freddie Freeman’s, but at just 24-years-old there’s a good chance Albies surpasses Freeman’s overall in the coming years.

The Curacao product has been with the Atlanta Braves since 2017 and is coming into his own as a professional baseball player. He also happens to be a switch hitter which is a skill that comes in quite handy when strategically planning against pitchers and pitcher rotations for opponents.

5 Anthony Rendon, 3B (93)

The Los Angeles Angels are a talented team and most people focus on the tremendous efforts of Mike Trout without giving credit to their 3rd baseman Anthony Rendon. At age 30 he’s seen his fair share of plate appearances and has had some of his best seasons in recent years.

Following his best year in the league in 2019, he was given a large 7-year deal, and his 93 overall shows that he may have found his home. It also doesn’t hurt to play alongside arguably the greatest player in the game in Trout.

4 Freddie Freeman, 1B (95)

Freddie Freeman is the 2nd Atlanta Braves infielder to crack the Top 10 coming in at a 95 overall, two points higher than his teammate Ozzie Albies. Freeman isn’t only adored by Braves fans but is considered one of the best batters in the entire league.

The MLB is known for player movement and the best talents rarely stay in one place, but Freeman has managed to beat the odds and since entering the league in 2010 he’s managed to stay a part of the Braves organization the entire time.

3 Manny Machado, 3B (95)

The first of two San Diego Padres infielders with a 95 overall is the 3rd baseman, Manny Machado. Machado now playing alongside a superstar like Fernando Tatis Jr. is finally starting to earn some respect for what he did as a member of the Baltimore Orioles for so long.

As long as he and Tatis Jr. can stick together the Padres have a young core that can lead them to a lot of success in the coming years. Machado finished 3rd in National League MVP voting in 2020 and could win the award in 2021.

2 Fernando Tatis Jr., SS (95)

Those who often play Madden NFL or NBA 2K are used to the cover athletes having the highest overall in the game, but for MLB The Show 21 that’s not the case. Fernando Tatis Jr. may grace the cover, but the San Diego Padres shortstop holds an overall of 95.

That may be 2nd among infielders, but he’s nowhere near the top of the pack overall. He’ll likely end up near the top in the coming years if his career continues on the same wild trajectory that led to him signing one of the richest deals in the history of the sport.

1 Nolan Arenado, 3B (98)

Nolan Arenado is a classic case of a superstar player being put in a bad situation. Despite playing for the Colorado Rockies since 2013, Arenado asked for a trade following the 2020 season due to the level of disrespect he felt from the organization.

A 98 overall may seem high, but looking at his list of accomplishments including leading the National League in home runs 3 times, 8x Gold Glove Award winner, 5x MLB All-Star, among many others shows that he’s been a model of consistency ever since entering the league almost a decade ago.

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