Minecraft’s Wild Update Set To Release In June

A whole host of highly anticipated mobs, biomes, blocks, and more is finally coming to Minecraft in The Wild Update on June 7, completing last year's Caves & Cliffs Update.

First up are the mobs—the fan-voted Allay is underway alongside frogs who can be found in normal swamps and the brand-new mangrove swamps. These newer swamps bring with them a new wood type, mangrove, as well as mud blocks. Your mud hut just got a bit more literal, eh?

The Allay are a little more in-depth than frogs, though. You hand them an item and they scan around your area to find the same item, bringing it back to you. The Redstone possibilities already have the community ecstatic, but the catch is that it goes out and finds dropped items. The Allay won't scout caves and mine diamonds for you.

Then there's the Deep Dark biome, the deepest cave Mojang has implemented thus far. It goes beyond the bedrock line, uncovering long-destitute civilizations that have fallen to ruin. You can find all sorts of goodies in these caves, but they're not for the faint of heart. Wardens lurk in the Deep Dark, and they hunt you based on sound, taking inspiration from Amnesia of all games.

There are even Shrieker traps dotted about the Deep Dark which will alert the Warden to your presence, but you can nick these for yourself—just be careful not to run into the giant Minotaur-like beast lurking in the shadows.

Finally, The Wild Update adds a boat that comes fitted with a chest. "Fill it with whatever your expedition calls for," Mojang wrote. "Whether it's adventure gear, exploration supplies, or all the cake you can carry." That should make excursions into endless oceans a bit less daunting.

The Wild Update rolls out on June 7 for Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, iOS, Android, and Windows, as well as macOS and Linux for Java users.

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