Minecraft Player Demonstrates Just How Big Our Universe Truly Is

Redditors are obsessed with this beautiful Minecraft creation, “The Blocky Spectrum of the Cosmos (in Minecraft),” which shows the scale of the smallest and largest things in our known universe. Most commenters want to encourage anyone who learned from this video and enjoyed the work to support the creator, TriNyte, and pay them a like, a comment and to subscribe to their Youtube channel.

The video starts by comparing an average human to everyday objects and acclimating viewers to the scale of us verses a basketball, a chicken egg, a penny, and an ant. It then zooms in past what the human eye can see: a single Skin cell, a red blood cell, Bacteria, the HIV Virus, a strand of DNA, a single carbon atom, 1 gamma ray wavelength, protons and neutrons, quarks, all the way the the quantum realm (not the one from Ant-Man).

It then quickly Zooms out from the human, to a scaled elephant giraffe, house, Redwood tree, to the Eiffel tower. At this point, you can’t see the human any more. Larger still we see the Burj Khalifa, and end our terrestrial journey on Mount Everest. We continue through outer space to a Neutron star, and Pluto. Pluto is so much larger that the Neutron star becomes a small spec as soon as the dwarf planet is on screen. 

Larger still come more interstellar bodies: the Milky Way (not the candy bar), Virgo Cluster (a cluster of galaxies visible from earth as a part of the Virgo constellation), our entire Observable universe.

Minecraft education is not limited to math and coding, there are many ways to use it to connect with literature or social studies. Students can explore the Notre-Dame or be transported to the world of a book like Lord of the Rings, or Harry Potter through some epic Minecraft creations. Students can not only explore these worlds, but get inspired by their own favorite works of fiction to replicate their favorite worlds and engage with the text in a new way.

This scale project is really useful because our brains are not made to understand large numbers and sizes to this scale. It is especially helpful now, as students are forced to learn from home, for educators to find ways to engage kids where their interests already are. Minecraft has its own educational programs for teachers and homeschooling parents to utilize, but often user made models like this one serve as better and more engaging learning tools. The care, dedication, and personal interest makes it so much more engaging and interesting.

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