Minecraft Modder Gets AI To Make Update, Chaos Ensues

Mojang isn't slowing down with Minecraft. Between the base game's constant stream of updates and Dungeons' ever-growing world and the new RTS spin-off, Minecraft is bigger than ever. And that goes doubly for modding. But over the weekend, one modder decided to let an AI do the heavy lifting.

YouTuber SystemZee uploaded a new video titled, "8 Features Minecraft Apparently Needs?" (thanks, PCGamesN). As he states in the opening, he let an AI "design its very own update" which he then coded into the game. The first change saw those weird desert wells finally find purpose. They've been there for years and they still don't do anything, but this AI-generated update makes it so that when you throw an emerald in, you get a random item. SystemZee immediately gets a free diamond, but then he gets a bit of leather.

The AI then decided to name the update World Domination. The AI. Normally, this is the cue to pull the plug and avoid a Terminator-like disaster, but SystemZee ploughs on with the video, showing a custom logo, a grappling hook, a spear, a lava bow, and even a giant tortoise that you can ride. The lava bow is a little broken mind, leaving a trail of lava blocks that floods the world. World Domination – it's in the title.

It didn't stop with a giant ridable tortoise though. SystemZee went back to the AI and asked for an animal to add to the game and it replied, "The elephant. Elephants are large, intelligent animals that could provide players with a new source of food, as well as crafting materials." Naturally, SystemZee slapped down the idea of hunting elephants for ivory, but he did add them to the game.

"Elephants are beautiful creatures and the savannah biome was kind of boring, so I think I understand exactly where the AI is coming from – more life in Minecraft would be amazing, so I put the elephant in the game," SystemZee said.

You can't hunt them for anything, but if you punch them, they will fight back, and they are fierce. But "it's still a beautiful creature." Then came the hostile mob. SystemZee added a hostile plant mob that can bite you. Be careful in caves.

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