Minecraft Mass Effect Mash-Up Lets Players Explore As Commander Shepard Once Again

Many BioWare and Mass Effect fans have been hankering for a return to the world of Mass Effect, and now they can – though not necessarily in the form they had anticipated.

Mojang’s Minecraft has released a trailer for a Mass Effect Mash-Up pack in its repertoire of series on which its themes are based. Thus far, everything from Toy Story to Halo mash-up packs have been added to the popular sandbox game. Now, the series in which all human and alien species face extinction will be getting its turn in Mass Effect.

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A video uploaded on Minecraft‘s official YouTube channel shows some of what the Mass Effect Mash-Up pack entails.

As shown in the video, the Mass Effect Mash-Up pack contains a base world on Mars that players can explore. With several explorable structures, players can engage in combat with Cerberus soldiers in an area reminiscent of a portion of Mass Effect 3.

Of course, as it’s Minecraft, the video shows the blocky Illusive Man siccing Minecraft zombies on Shepard and his teammates. The video ends when we see Shepard’s squad being surrounded by the zombies.

The Mass Effect Mash-Up includes a texture pack for environments, 36 additional character skins, a Mars Facility World Save, a Mass Effect-themed user interface, and the series’ epic soundtrack. It’s currently available on the Minecraft Marketplace.

The option of playing as a variety of Mass Effect characters is neat and an unconventional method of revisiting the Mass Effect universe. However, what’s odd about the release of the trailer altogether is that the mash-up has been available for a while now, as noted by several commenters below the video.

Nonetheless, the Mass Effect Mash-Up pack is available for all to enjoy, though as mentioned, there are a number of other mash-up packs available as well. Fans of the Toy Story, Halo, Adventure Time, and Pirates of the Caribbean have access to mash-ups of Minecraft versions of the franchises. Otherwise, broader-themed packs like Halloween and Norse mythology mash-ups can be explored and used in a variety of ways.

Minecraft is currently available on PC, as well as all current-gen consoles, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, New Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita, and other platforms.

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