Minecraft Dungeons: Everything You Need To Know About The Blacksmith

When Minecraft Dungeons first released, the Blacksmith was the main merchant in the Camp. They were unlocked after completing the second mission, Creeper Woods, and would give you random pieces of gear in exchange for Emeralds.

However, the Blacksmith got a big change when the Creeping Winter DLC released. The Blacksmith now offers a way to upgrade your gear, whilst the Mystery Merchant now sells random gear. Here’s everything you need to know about the Blacksmith in Minecraft Dungeons.

How To Unlock The Blacksmith

Since the Creeping Winter update, the Blacksmith is no longer unlocked by completing Creeper Woods. Now, players must find the Blacksmith in the Redstone Mines.

Start the Redstone Mines mission and work your way through the whole level. As you approach the end of the level, you will find the Blacksmith in a cage to the right of the exit. Interact with the cage to free them and unlock the new merchant.

How To Upgrade Gear With The Blacksmith

To upgrade an item, you must give the Blacksmith Emeralds. The amount of Emeralds required depends on the piece of gear being upgraded. The more powerful a piece of gear is, the more Emeralds it will cost to upgrade.

If you want to upgrade a specific item, first you must unequip it. Then, interact with the Blacksmith and it will display the upgrade screen.

At the top, you will see your upgrade slots. Select an upgrade slot and then select an item from the section below. This only shows unequipped items, which is why you must first unequip anything you want to upgrade.

How To Complete An Upgrade

Once you have chosen an item to upgrade, it will be removed from your inventory. All Enchantment Points used on the item will be returned to you. To finish the upgrade and get your item back, you must complete three missions on a certain difficulty.

The Blacksmith will specify the difficulty depending on the power of the item you’re upgrading. A low-level item might require three missions on Default mode or higher, whilst a more powerful item might need you to do three Apocalypse missions.

Once you have completed three missions at the specified difficulty, return to the Blacksmith to retrieve your upgraded weapon. It will then have a new power level, which is decided by your recommended difficulty in Minecraft Dungeons. This should let you defeat some of the most difficult enemies you have encountered so far.

How To Unlock More Upgrade Slots

When you first unlock the Blacksmith in Redstone Mines, you’ll notice that it only has one upgrade slot available for your gear. However, there are three in total. The other two are locked until you complete specific tasks.

To unlock the second upgrade slot, you must defeat the Arch-Illager on Default difficulty. Once you’ve done this, you will be able to upgrade two items at once.

To unlock the third slot, you must also defeat the Arch-Illager on Adventure difficulty. Adventure is unlocked after completing the game on Default.

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