Mihoyo Introduces Genshin Impact’s Next Five-Star Character, Ganyu

The Yuehai Pavilion secretary Ganyu is now in the Genshin Impact spotlight, and the blue-haired assistant has a penchant for hard work and one hell of an appetite.

Once the chief alchemist Albedo departs on January 12, Ganyu will be the next five-star banner in line. The secretary was announced during the Version 1.2 Special Program where her arrival was pegged for mid-January. Ganyu may be the last new character in the free-to-play adventure before Version 1.3 is released in February, and she’s a rare catch that any traveler would be thrilled to acquire.

Ganyu’s professional duties are extensive and mostly carried out behind the scenes. Qixing’s litany of day-to-days is all orchestrated by Ganyu and her passionate work ethic is one to be admired. The secretary is quiet in nature and extremely loyal to her three-thousand-year-old contract signed with Rex Lapis. Ganyu is also a hungry vegetarian who frequents the Wanmin Restaurant and polishes off the extra-large portions served to her by Xiangling. Her healthy appetite even extends to the bitter Qingxin Flowers–that she finds “pretty tasty”–which is the reason why none are planted at Yujing Terrace – too much temptation.

Liutian Archery is Ganyu’s normal attack which forms an aura of ice around the arrowhead – a perfect match for her crystal-blue hair. Trail of the Qilin is a dash maneuver where she leaves behind an ice lotus to taunt enemies. Lastly, her Celestial Shower summons a Sacred Cryo Pearl used to banish evil, that rains shards of ice on top of opponents – producing an atmospheric showstopper. It’s safe to say that Ganyu prefers winter, making her a fitting character for the end of the frosty season.

Genshin Impact’s 1.3 update will target another five-star character Zhongli by offering him another dose of buffs. The Lord of Geo will hopefully be a new and improved character in February, as Mihoyo took player feedback to heart. The update will also address the underwhelming Geo element that fans thought Zhongli would enhance, however, neither benefited from the other.

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