Microsoft Ignite To Feature 'Mixed Reality Keynote' In March

Microsoft will host a “mixed reality keynote” at its Ignite digital conference next week.

Alex Kipman, Technical Fellow and HoloLens/Mixed Reality figurehead at the company confirmed as much on Twitter this week. In a video clip, Kipman promised an immersive keynote “the likes of which you have not experienced before”. Those joining inside a Mixed Reality headset will apparently experience “more immersion than you’ve ever seen before.” Now there’s a promise.

You’ll still be able to watch the conference via livestream if you don’t have a headset, though.

Microsoft labels both HoloLens and the PC VR headsets it produces with partners like HP and Dell as ‘Mixed Reality’. It’s not clear exactly which category Kipman is referring to here but he likely means that PC VR fans with an HP Reverb G2 or older device can watch the stream. It doesn’t appear that Oculus Rift, Quest, HTC Vive and Valve Index owners will be able to watch in VR based on this branding, but we’ve asked Microsoft.

You can register to attend Ignite here, though there aren’t details on how to attend in VR just yet. Kipman is confirmed to be speaking at the Day 1 Keynote, which kicks off at 8:30am PT on March 2nd. There’s no details yet on exactly what he’ll be talking about but, given his role within the HoloLens and Mixed Reality teams, we’re hoping for some new reveals.

That said, Ignite is a largely business-focused conference, so don’t hold your breath for any big consumer-facing news. Either way, we’ll bring you all the latest on UploadVR.

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