Microsoft Exec Isn’t Worried About Power, Because They "Have A Better Console"

Now that we know the specs for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, it’s clear that the Series X is the more powerful console — at least on paper. There’s a lot more to building a winning system than just throwing powerful components together, but Microsoft is confident in what they are building. In fact, Bill Stillwell of the Microsoft Cognition Team — previously part of the Xbox Team — recently said as much in his latest interview.

Stillwell claimed, “I personally think we have a better console, we’re not worried about the power narrative.” Whether or not that “power” will translate into a better experience for players is up in the air, but the Xbox Series X is definitely off to a great start.

Earlier this year a Crytek employee made the comment that the PlayStation 5 is “the easiest console they have ever coded on to reach its peak performance,” despite the fact that it’s technically a weaker piece of hardware. The employee later backtracked on the statement, but the reasons for doing so are still unclear. Perhaps they realized they were wrong, and the Series X can reach “peak performance” just as easily as the PS5. Or, maybe Crytek doesn’t want to take sides this earlier on in the next generation of console wars.

No matter the case, it’s clear that both systems are prepared to move the gaming industry forward, and both companies are convinced their vision of the future is better than their competitor’s.

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