Metal Max Xeno Reborn: How To Get Toni And Yokky To Join Your Party

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The first few areas you'll travel through in Metal Max Xeno Reborn are manageable alone. Then, of course, you may have to use inventive thinking against fiercer monsters. Still, with enough firepower, you will survive.

However, somewhere around the Spider Gully is when the danger starts to escalate. Unless you work with top-tier weapons, the WANTED monsters beyond this area become nearly unstoppable. These situations are when you'll need some assistance. Luckily, we have the details to fill your party with two essential characters, Toni and Yokky.

Yokky: The Last Drunkard

One of the first crew members you'll encounter at Iron Base is Yokky, a young mechanic down on his luck. Considering it's the apocalypse, that's likely putting it lightly. Under the duress of such a dire situation, he succumbed to alcohol abuse.

Talk To The Drunk

You'll find Yokky slouched beside the door across from your room at Iron Base. Upon meeting him, you'll notice how intoxicated he is. For instance, when you introduce yourself, Yokky will rant and rave about the world ending, making him somewhat unapproachable.

However, talking to other crewmates, like Jingoro and D'Annunzio, will reveal that Yokkky is going through a callous time. Plus, he's been going through this spiral for a while.

Look At The Drunk

When you venture out from the sortie for the first time, you'll discover a bottle of alcohol buried under debris outside the Iron Base Exterior. Po-M will suggest you give the bottle to D'Annunzio, who will teach you about the liquor and his apocalypse stories. Taking Po-M up on that offer is a bright idea because it will lead to your following conversation with Yokky.

Yokky will marvel at the new alcohol you found. However, beyond that, your other conversations at the bar will run into the same nihilistic attitude you've encountered from him before. That isn't to say the two of you won't enjoy other friendly conversations. For example, he'll congratulate you when you talk to him after capturing your first monster bounty!

Still, if you look in your quest notes via the pause menu, the game will suggest you need to share some good news with Yokky to cheer him up, but what is this news? It turns out that Yokky's childhood crush, Toni, is still alive. But you'll have to find her.

Once you find Toni and relay the news of her recovery to Yokky, he will take on a much happier tone! This positive interaction will turn the wheels leading to his change in disposition and the beginning of your friendship.

Befriend Yokky

After completing the DEAD OR ALIVE mission, interacting with Yokky will lead to a conversation in which he'll ask to join you in battle. Accepting this request will add him to your party.

Additionally, Yokky will reveal a new vehicle he restored, the M-Buggy. The M-Buggy is a light and agile vehicle with little armor. It will need a robust engine to support heavier weapons. Here are some stats:

  • Base SP: 300
  • Defensive Power: 30
  • Evasion: 5%
  • Weight: 5.50 t
  • Condition: Normal
  • Resistances: None

Of course, all these events are contingent on rescuing Toni first. Therefore, it's clear that The Last Drunkard and DEAD OR ALIVE sub-quests are purposefully intertwined.


Toni is a survivor of the monster takeover. She grew up with Yokky in Iron Town. Unfortunately, she watched her dear father and the rest of her family demise at the hand of these creatures. This traumatic experience has made her hungry for battle, seeking vengeance for those she's lost.

Help The Fallen Girl

You'll find Toni passed out at the top of a building in Spider Gully. To get there, you must surpass a pile of debris outside the skyscrapers hiding Zamza.

These skyscrapers are deep into the gully. You'll have to either find a way to cross the bridge or speed through the field of Laser Walkers surrounding Manzappa to reach them. A ramp made of a destroyed roadway will lead from the depth of the gully to the skyscrapers' location.

The debris is easy to miss if you're not paying attention because it blends in almost seamlessly with the surrounding rubble. However, you'll find it with your reticle if you search the surroundings in shooting mode. You'll need to attack with a weapon boasting at least 700 attack power to break down the debris.

After breaking down the giant debris pile, you need to exit your vehicle and walk up the ramps of old storage units and scrap metal to reach the top of the nearby building. On the rooftop, you'll find Toni lying unconscious in drab brown sack clothing. Interacting with her will give you the option to escort her back to Iron Base.

Wait For The Girl To Recover

After rescuing Toni, Po-M will inform you that she is barely clinging to life due to malnutrition. Luckily, she will recover. Unfortunately, you can't visit her room right away. So you'll have to pass the time by resting or exploring Distokyo.

After a few days, however, you'll see a much healthier Toni wearing vibrant new clothes and talking to Po-M outside her room. This moment will allow you to converse and get to know her more.

See The Recovered Girl

We reached the next part of this mission after defeating both Manzappa and Zamza. At this point, we gained three bounties. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm if earning bounties advances the story and subquest progress. Still, it will not hurt to take a few more ventures out into Distokyo. At the least, it will pass on more time, aiding Toni's recovery.

After some time, you'll see Yokky, Jingaro, and Toni gathered near the sortie terminal. Approach Toni, and she'll request that she fight with you to avenge her fallen family. Accepting her request will add her to your party.

I Don't Have Enough Vehicles. What Do I Do?

Having two more members in your party and a cute puppy by your side is a beneficial addition. Still, you won't get the most out of Yokky and Toni if they have nothing to drive. After all, don't you want the advantage of three times the vehicular attack power?

If you've completed The Last Drunkard, you'll already have two vehicles at your disposal, M-Buggy and the ModMK10. Still, that leaves one party member without a vehicle. So, where can you find your third tank?

First, you must buy yourself a metal detector if you have not already. You'll find it in the sortie's Handheld Supplies Store for 25,000 G. Then, sortie to the Big Atrium Exterior.

Once you arrive at the Big Atrium Exterior, travel to the entrance of the Spider Gully. Before the bridge entrance, you'll see a blue-glowing metal detector spot adjacent to a small building. The small building faces the Manzappa and Laser Walkers.

The metal detector in this area will reveal a new vehicle, the Bizonte-F. This vehicle is a formidable tank with improved stats over the ModMK10. Here are some Chassis stats:

  • Base SP: 1200
  • Defensive Power: 85
  • Evasion: 3%
  • Weight: 19.50 t
  • Condition: Normal
  • Resistances: None

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