Meet Sword & Shield’s Newest Mythical Pokemon: Zarude

The reveal of a new mythical Pokémon has been teased for a while now and since today is Pokémon Day, the brand new monster has been revealed to the world.

Today (February 27, 2020) is Pokémon Day. The anniversary of the release of Pokémon Red and Green. Back in 1996 when those games were first released, trainers had to discover the Pokédex as they made their way around the Kanto region. The internet was in its infancy so there was no big roster reveal. Even if there had been, chances are most of the people playing the games wouldn’t have seen it.

Nowadays, Game Freak has to be a little more inventive. On the bright side, it has the ability to add to and change its game after the initial release, unlike in 1996 when the whole game had to be released in one go. In terms of Sword and Shield, that meant not revealing the entirety of Pokémon’s newest generation all in one go. Trainers are being introduced to it gradually.

The latest reveal was teased as a big one. Trainers were shown a silhouette of what was described as a brand new mythical Pokémon. Kind of like a round of “who’s that Pokémon?” except there was no way to get the answer right. Since today is Pokémon Day, the reveal of the newest addition to the almost 900-strong roster has taken place, and its name is Zarude.

Zarude is a dark/grass type and comes with an ability trainers should already be familiar with, Leaf Guard. Described by Game Freak as the Rogue Monkey Pokémon, Zarude looks a little like an evil baboon that has been equipped with Bulbasaur’s vines. In comparison to other mythical Pokémon that have come before it, Zarude is a little underwhelming. Its reveal was also nowhere near as inventive as the last mythical Pokémon to receive a big unveiling, Meltan.

As for when trainers can expect to encounter Zarude in Sword and Shield, there is no confirmed date just yet. It’s also not clear whether Zarude will be a part of the expansion packs released later this year or will become a part of the core game via an update. Zarude will be appearing in the Pokémon universe before it arrives in Sword and Shield, though. It will star in Pokémon The Movie: Coco which is slated for release in Japan on July 10, 2020.

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