Mario Strikers Battle League Football: Everything You Need To Know About Items

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Mario Strikers Battle League Football is a chaotic, fast-paced sports game by design: the small pitches force players close together, and emphasis is placed on hitting hard with your tackles and firing as many shots at goal as possible. This becomes all the more ridiculous when you add items into the mix.

Mastering items in Mario Strikers Battle League is essential for successful players. They can be used both offensively and defensively and a single well-timed item can turn the tide on your opponent when you are on the back foot. Here, we're going to go through everything you need to know to use these powerful, frenetic forces to your advantage.

How Do Items Work?

Just as in the mainline Mario titles, you can collect items by picking up item boxes from around the pitch. There are two types of item boxes: rainbow item boxes can be collected by both teams, whereas team-coloured item boxes can only be picked up by the team of the same colour – so, for example, the red team will be able to pick up both rainbow and red item boxes.

Items are stored per team, not per individual player. This means that, if you're playing multiplayer with some teammates, the items you collect will be useable by them and vice versa. It is important to communicate with your teammates about when you're going to use items: you may in some circumstances be able to coordinate your item usage, throwing out two items at once with devastating effect.

Each team can carry up to two items at a time. You will be able to see at the top of the screen which items your team has collected, and the items that you're going to use next will be closer to the centre of the screen and pulsing blue. If you run into an item box while already carrying two items, the box will disappear and you will get no item.

Although items are incredibly debilitating against regular enemies, they have no effect on goalkeepers, so don't try to take out Boom Boom with a Green Shell!

When Do Item Boxes Appear?

Although it may seem like there is no order to item boxes appearing when you're in the heat of a match, there is in fact some logic behind when each type appears on the pitch.

Rainbow item boxes are thrown out by the crowd in a slightly random way, although you can increase the chances of seeing them by making exciting plays (such as hitting perfect shots/passes) and dangerous tackles (perfect tackles are the most dangerous of all!). This ensures that the fast-paced games of Mario Strikers Battle League will only continue to get more interesting as they progress.

Team-coloured item boxes, on the other hand, work differently. The crowd will throw out a team-colured box of your colour whenever one of your team's players is tackled when they don't have the ball – in short, the crowd feels sorry for you. This helps to avoid over-tackling in matches, and instead makes the concept of tackling free players into a complex, give-and-take mechanism that should be used with caution.

What Does Each Item Do?

ItemIn-Game DescriptionDetailed DescriptionTips And Tricks
MushroomGreatly increases your speed for a short time when used.Increases your running speed drastically for the next three-to-four seconds. Removes your ability to sprint.Mushrooms are best used as a surprise mechanic to launch a quick offensive on the opponent, as they will make you be able to run through your opponent's defences with ease. You can also use mushrooms defensively, to stop an opponent's counter-attack by quickly reaching them with a key defender. A mushroom's speed boost stacks with the speed boost from a star.
Bob-ombExplodes when thrown, knocking away players on your opponent's team.Releases a large Bob-omb, which walks in front of the player for about one second before exploding. Players on your team are immune to the Bob-omb and its explosion, although touching it while it's walking or being in its explosion radius will throw back any players on the opposing team and render them immobile for around three seconds.Bob-ombs walk surprisingly quickly, so they can be used to chase down opponents who have managed to evade you and salvage back lost one-on-one positions. Bob-ombs are most powerful when your opponents are bunched up close together – use one while you're on the offensive to clear a path to the goal.
BananaCauses any players who come into contact with it to fall over.Throws a large banana in front of the player, in the direction they are facing. If the banana hits any other players, it will disappear and those player(s) will be knocked back and stunned for around three seconds. When the banana lands, it will remain on the pitch for ten seconds before disappearing. If a player walks into the banana before this time, they will be stunned for around three seconds and the banana will disappear. Players of your team are not immune to the banana.Be careful throwing out bananas, since they may end up debilitating the opponent's team as much as yours. They should, most of the time, be thrown at a specific key player. However, you can also consider placing bananas in key locations, such as around the mouth of your goal — that will get in the opponent's way.
Green ShellTravels in a straight line when thrown and will bounce off of fences. Players hit by one will fall over.Throws out a green shell in the direction the player is facing. Players hit by this shell will be knocked back and stunned for around three seconds. The green shell will bounce off the first wall it hits but will be destroyed when it hits a second wall. Players of your team are not immune to the green shell.Green shells are one of the most chaotic items in the game, since they can bounce off walls and linger for a long time. Their linear trajectory makes them perfect for sniping opponents from afar, or clearing a straight path the opponent's goal.
Red ShellChases after a nearby opponent when thrown, hitting them and causing them to fall over.Throws out a red shell, which homes in on the nearest opponent with devastating accuracy. Since it travels faster than the player, these can be very difficult to avoid. When it hits a player they will be stunned for around three seconds. It's destroyed when it hits a wall.These are the ultimate sniping item and should be held back until they are needed most. Red shells are nearly impossible to dodge if one is homing in on you – don't even try to get out of the way. Instead, pass the ball to a safely-placed teammate and take the hit.
StarMakes you invincible for a short amount of time and boosts all of your character's attributes. If you touch an opponent while it's active, you will knock them down.Makes your character invulnerable to items and tackles, and boosts their speed, passing, shooting, technique, and strength. The opponent's goalkeeper is unaffected by this and will still be able to block your shots and hit you away if you get too close. Effects last for around three seconds. Hitting an opponent while invincible will knock them back and stun them for around three seconds. Your teammates are immune to being knocked back by you when you are invincible.The star has almost infinite utility and is the best way of turning a bad situation around. Although its effects only last for five seconds, that is more than enough time to run the length of the pitch and get a shot in on goal.

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