Mario Goes To A Ghanaian Funeral In Hilarious Mario Kart Mod

Modder and YouTuber RiazorMC creates a mod for Mario Kart Wii that reskins a racer with six pallbearer Marios carrying and running with a coffin resembling that of the Coffin Dance Meme.

The Coffin Dance Meme as it’s famously called features six Ghana pallbearers with a coffin over their shoulders walking and carrying it with a funky, groovy step in their strut as seen here. The techno music accompanied with it — Astronomia by music producers Vicetone and Tony Igy, together with the upbeat dancing, finished off with an abrupt cut moments before impact, provides a rather humorous and light treatment of an otherwise unfortunate event. It is for this reason that the Coffin Dance Meme trended worldwide during these harsh times. Modders capitalized on this internet sensation and integrated them into games like GTA V through mods.

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Mario Kart Wii is no exception. Modder RiazorMC created a mod that replaces your kart with a coffin and six Mario pallbearers as shown in this YouTube video. In the video, Donkey Kong is in first place nearing the finish line in Luigi Circuit when he is hit by the dreaded blue shell — a seek-and-destroy powerup that targets the racer in first place. As he gets hit, Donkey Kong transforms into the coffin model carried by six Marios racing, drifting, boosting, and zooming through various tracks and maps; reminiscent of the shooting stars meme. The integration of this meme to the situation of the video shows the frustration of first place Mario Kart racers getting hit by the blue shell especially as they approach the finish line, a split-second away from victory. It is unclear however if this mod will be uploaded to modding sites for the public to use, or if the music attributed with the viral meme is part of the mod. RiazorMC’s video has been tweeted by Twitter user @NoContextRIP.

With many games that modders pounce upon to keep fresh and exciting for the community like Resident Evil, Skyrim, Fallout 4, Sims 4, Minecraft and so on, there will always be some extra added fun and creativity to these games outside the boundaries and limitations that the original developers of these games have imagined. It will be great to see more of the Coffin Dance meme in games considering that unfortunate events are innately intertwined with games as a risk vs reward factor.

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