Man Builds Giant Working Xbox Series X For YMCA Children’s Centre

It didn't feel like all that long ago when tech companies were trying to make everything as small as possible. That way of thinking has since been thrown out, as best demonstrated by the PS5. PlayStation's latest console is massive, largely due to the fans it needs to keep cool. The PS5's size has got nothing on this custom-made Xbox Series X, though. A console so big, it has set a new world record.

Michael Pick is the man responsible for creating the largest Xbox ever made. That's an official Guinness World Record, by the way. The gargantuan Series X is more than two meters tall, over a meter wide, and weighs roughly 250lbs. That makes it about 600 percent bigger than the original console, which is already pretty big when you're not directly comparing it to a PS5.

This isn't the first console Pick has embiggened. As you can see at the very end of the video detailing the Series X console's journey, he has also made an oversized, fully-functioing Nintendo Switch. The YouTuber doesn't just scale up consoles for likes, though. This particular project was created as a gift for the YMCA Youth and Teen Development Center in Atlanta, GA. You can check out the kids at the center trying the Series X out for the first time below.

The level of detail Pick puts into the console is remarkable. Not only does it work because there is an itty bitty regular-sized Series X hidden inside, but you don't even need to remove it to to turn on the bigger version. You can actually press its glowing power button to fire up the console, as well as much larger versions of all the other buttons you'd find on a regular Series X.

Pick was inspired to create this giant console by Xbox's own Series X fridge. During the video, he modestly asks if viewers think his version is more detailed. From the curved top to the HDMI ports on the back, the answer to that is an overwhelming yes. Elsewhere in the console modding world, someone has been focused on making new-gen consoles smaller by creating a PS5 Slim. Something we might see an official version of in the future.

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