Magic: The Gathering – The 6 Best Commander Legends: Battle For Baldur’s Gate Cards For Vintage

If you've been playing Magic: The Gathering for a long time you are probably aware that there are multiple formats of Constructed play, each of them with various limitations on sets that are legal. Vintage is the format that pretty much lets you play cards from all the sets that MTG has, with some obvious limitations. There is a list of restricted cards that you can only play one copy of in your deck, as well as a list of cards that are outright banned.

The newest set, Commander Legends of Baldur's Gate, caters to the Commander format as well as Legacy and Vintage, so let's see some of the best cards for Vintage that this set has to offer.

5 Neera, Wild Mage

Neera is a legendary creature that costs four generic and one blue and red mana to cast. She is a 2/7 with a rather interesting ability: whenever you cast a spell, you may choose to put that spell on the bottom of your library. After doing this, you will have to start revealing cards from the top of your library until you reveal a nonland card. You may then cast that card without paying the mana cost and place all the other cards on the bottom of your library. You can only use this ability once every turn.

Even though she is a rather expensive card to play, Neera could find her place in a Vintage combo deck. Just by casting a one mana spell, you get the opportunity to land upon some really expensive and powerful card that you get to cast for free. For example landing a Niv-Mizzet or a Griselbrand in the Oath of Druids deck after playing a Gitaxian Probe for two life is pretty powerful, and you get Neera as a creature on board on top of that.

4 Wyll's Reversal

An instant card that costs two generic and one red mana, Wyll's Reversal will have you choose a target spell or ability that has one or more targets. Then you roll a d20 and add the greatest power among creatures you control to that roll. Results between one and 14 will allow you to choose new targets for that particular spell or ability while getting a 15+ will also allow you to copy that spell or ability and choose new targets for that copy.

Given that Vintage is generally dominated by combo decks that can usually pull out a win in three or four turns, being able to reverse any spell or ability towards your opponent could sometimes lead to an instant win. You could use it to win a counter spell war, given that most of the top decks in the format are heavy on blue and most play four copies of Force of Will.

Since you can also affect abilities, you could even steal an extra turn when your opponent uses Time Vault, which is a win condition in the Paradoxical Outcome deck. Even if you don't outright win the game, you will still put your opponent on the back foot and make him think twice about targeting you with any other spells or abilities.

3 Eldritch Pact

A pretty expensive sorcery card that costs six generic and one black mana, Eldritch Pact allows you to force target player to draw X cards and lose X life, where X is the number of cards in their graveyard. The only real downside to this card is how expensive it is, but that can be fixed in a format like Vintage where you can generate a lot of mana early on with Lotuses and other mana generating artifacts.

When it comes to this card's actual utility, it could see a lot of play as a sideboard card against Dredge decks and other decks that have graveyard mechanics. If cast against an opponent with more than 20 cards in their graveyard, you will probably instantly win the game, unless they have a counter spell handy.

It could work especially great as a sideboard card for the Standstill deck, which will generally prolong a game into the very late game in an effort to bore the opponent to death. But when turn 30 hits. and your opponent has 25 cards in their graveyard, Eldritch Pact is the last thing that they would want to see you cast.

2 Archivist of Oghma

Archivist of Oghma is a 2/2 Halfling Cleric creature that costs one generic and one white mana. He has flash and whenever an opponent searches their library, you gain one life and draw a card.

In a format like Vintage you will see a lot of spells and abilities that allow your opponent to search his library for a particular card, such as Tutors. This card can give an aggro deck card advantage whenever their opponent searches their library.

The fact that he also has flash makes him extra useful, since you can play him in response to your opponent searching their library. Plenty of decks that already play white cards, such as Tinker or Paradoxical Outcome, could use a copy or two of this card in the sideboard.

1 Horn of Valhalla

An Equipment artifact that costs one generic and one white mana, Horn of Valhalla is an Adventure card that also contains a sorcery spell. The sorcery is called Ysgard's Call, it costs X generic and two white mana. It allows you to create X 1/1 white Soldier creature tokens. The artifact Equipment part of the card has an equip cost of three and it gives the equipped creature +1/+1 for each creature that you control.

This could be a viable addition to a token creation deck. You get a token generator and an Equipment that is influenced by how many creatures you control in the same card. And given that there are a lot of ways to generate a ton of mana in Vintage, this card can give you control over the board pretty fast. It could work especially well in the Mono-White Aggro deck that focuses on using small creatures alongside Lurrus of the Dream Den to keep them coming back to the battlefield over and over again.

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